Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Gym Lovin

Good evening lovely bloggers, how's the 2nd day of the month treating you?
I'm glad to hear you are all seed lovers, they are one of the best healthy snacks so thumbs ups!

I got up early today to get my bag packed for the gym and put lunch together. I made a big smoothie and had half along with a boiled egg for my pre-workout snack. I walked to gym and had a fab workout!

20 minutes on cross trainer (intervals, 1 min slow L8, 2 min fast L10/12)
24 lunges with bicep curls on each side
24 squats with shoulder press on each side
16 tricep raises, 16 hammer curls, 16 arm raises 2kg used for all
20 minutes on treadmill
(intervals - 10 min - walk 2 min 6.5mph, run 1 min 7.5mph)
( 10 minutes - walk 1 min 6.5mph, run 2 min 8mph)

50 minutes
354 calories
45 % fat
max HR 191
avg HR 133

I felt a little sore after my workout but not to bad, it felt good to be back in the gym and breaking into sweat! I showered and walked to work. I was definitely ready to have the other half of my smoothie! This morning at work was pretty quite and when the mention of coffee hit my ears I couldn't resist : )

A long with my coffee I had a homemade protein bar which held me till lunch

I had a little sandwich with my spinach!

Yummy healthy lunch don't ya think?! GF bread with hummus and spinach. Raw veggies and an apple. I finished work at 4.30 so had some time to invest in some new workout tops and also pop into the super market and top up my veggies for the week. I also walked home.

I was starving when I got in and a walnut and marmite rice cake sarni was just the ticket!
I'm having my mac cleaned at the weekend as well as having some new software installed so I have had to get everything I want off so I started the shift before dinner

Dinner was a great meal too, chicken with cauliflower and spinach in a spicy tom and garlic sauce, side of soup oh and a dollop of hummus!

pudding was ground rice with carob and my last 3 dates chopped topped with yogurt, cinnamon
and seeds

I had a fab workout today and am keeping my fingers crossed this is the start of many.
I have also arranged some private kickboxing lessons today! I used to kick box a lot but for lots of reasons it just stopped. I spoke to my old tutor and he has agreed to teach me some private lessons. It helps that he is a friend of mine so mates rates, bonus! Another bonus is that my teacher is the kickboxing world champion! Yes he is indeed so I can't wait to start it up again.
We have arranged an hour lesson Thursday so hopefully my kickboxing addiction can start up again! Whoop whoop I'll have to dust of my pink boxing gloves : )

2nd day of my March Makeover and all is going to plan

I'm pretty tired so I'm off to kip x x


Have you ever kick boxed? Did you love it?

I think boxing is my favorite way to keep fit I love as well as running

Whats your favorite cardio machine at the gym if you go to one?

I think mine is probably stepper its a real calorie burner!!!!!!!


  1. the shaker cup that you have your shake in...I have a couple just like that, they're great, arent' they!

    kickboxing, have never done it.
    cardio...power yoga baby!

  2. I hate the stepper!!!!!!

    Elliptical all the way. It's so easy to read and workout at the same time on that thing

  3. Happy to hear your back is starting to feel better- really be sure to listen to your body and ease your way in- especially kick boxing- keep your belly button tight to your spine! I'd hate for it to go over something silly again.

    I love the spin bike- in class or not- it can kick my ass any day!

  4. Wow, everything sounds delicious.

    I've never had Marmite before. Should I buy some? I wonder what it tastes like.

  5. I've always wanted to try kickboxing too but at least I did 3 years of taekwon-do when I was younger ;).
    Your eats look fabulous - what do you usually put into your smoothies?