Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Grrrrrrr Granola

Well it seems my giveaway is pretty popular! To those of you without blogs and those that don't twitter no worries you are still entered it will be a fair draw!

I got up early today and got my 50 minute yoga in its defo helping the old back : )

So onto the days food. I had the best breaky today. I had my usual porridge, chopped apple, maca, cinnamon and almond butter and topped the lot with........

choco cherry pie granola! I picked up some samples from the vitality show and am very glad I did. Bear granola definitely gets the thumbs up from me!

Yummy! It was a real tummy filler and sorted me for my driving lesson. More parking today
which went ok nearly got the hang of it! After my lesson I grabbed my stuff for work and walked in which was lovely, the bright sunshine rolling across my skin glorious!

Morning snack was 1/2 this granola bar

Crunchy : )

I had quinoa, mushrooms, peas and soya beans in a red pesto sauce

and the other 1/2 of my granola bar

after work my papa picked me up so we could go for a drive, I did about 35 miles which was good
still a bit timid but practice makes perfect ay!
beef with beansprouts in tomato and basil sauce with steamed veggies and a dollop of hummus

followed by the best pud! Ground rice with carob, raisins, topped with soya yogurt and a little tahini and.........

Choco Cherry Granola! Yep I used the left overs from this morning : )

Right I have a busy evening ahead gotta brush up on car facts!

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Whats your favorite granola?

I've only just started eating oats again so I have a lot of catching up to do, I'm loving it though!

Do you buy your sprouts or grow your own?

I buy cause its easy! Yep I guess I'm just lazy, my dad grows his and said its so easy why don't I do the same? This was while I was looking at a large bag of sprouts for 49p, you
know what road I took the easy road!


  1. Those Nature Valley granola bars have been my favorite since high school. I like to eat them broken up into pieces with yogurt and some fruit too. And plain is pretty awesome as well ;)

  2. Ohhh, I LOVE me some granola! My new favorite is Galaxy Granola. They sent me some samples a few weeks ago and I instantly fell in love. I've also been known to take Kashi granola bars and crumble them up into yogurt/oatmeal. That's a great way to get granola taste and crunch, but there's instant portion control.

  3. I have never sprouted in my life... that is the one thing i really should learn, but just havent bothered to do...

    the carob ground rice pud. nice!!!!!!!

  4. Your eats look fantastic as usual.
    I love granola too and prefer my homemade hemp-nola (of ED&BV) it's so freaking good!!
    Sprouts are so much fun, I grow my own but sometimes also buy them if I'm craving them like crazy and have none at home.

  5. Hey, I'm a new reader! Your food looks lush, it's nice to see someone else who enjoys natural foods :-)