Thursday, 25 March 2010

Ginger Kick

First off I would like to say a big HELLO to all you new readers and obviously you lovely peeps that have been coming back for a while now. Your kind words make my day so thank you!

Ok lets get to the food shall we!? I started my day with a big bowl of oats with a chopped
jazz apple, maca, ground linseeds, cinnamon and almond butter this was just fab and exactly what I needed after a 40 minute pilates workout : )

I had a driving lesson before work, more parking even better today!

Work was well quiet and boring! Plus we have new uniform.........ankle swingers come to mind!
Not Good!

I snacked on these tasty nairns biscuits around 12pm

I used to hate ginger but these days I can't get enough! These had a real ginger kick!
A total thumbs up : )

I a anything goes kinda lunch today which turned out really well, 2 boiled eggs, a big salad with oil and balsamic dressing and chicken and spicy red pepper hummus. It was a flavor sensation!

I was going to go to the gym after work but my tummy was a bit off so I decided to give it a miss.
I ate my pulsin energy bomb before power walking home!

Hmmmmmm this was ok but I don't think I would choose it again it did keep me going though.
After power walking home I made a soup then decided to do the first 20 minute routine of the 30 Day Shred. I got so sweaty from this love it! Makes up for not going to the gym......kinda!

I made butternut squash and lentil soup and it was delish! I had some steamed veggies and hummus on the side (hummus addiction is getting worse!)

Followed by a big chocolate orange iced smoothie topped with some more choco cherry granola! Man I love this stuff, I also have 2 other flavors to try yay! There was also some tahini lovin going down too

I have just booked my tickets Ireland to go and see my mum and little sister!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SO SO EXCITED I can't wait to see them its been way to long. They live in a small village with mountains either side of their home its gonna be a treat seeing them : )

Time to chill in my freshly laundered bed see ya tomorrow peeps x


Do you have family living in another country?

My little sister and mum have lived in Ireland for nearly 12yrs! Its beautiful there but I miss them so much I do wish they were closer

Whats your favorite spice?

Mine has got to be cinnamon with ginger coming a close second!

P.S Don't forget the giveaway!


  1. ahh yes, my family ALL lives in other countries! my cousins aunt and uncle live in Costa rica and my dads side of the family live in Canada! so yes, I grew up traveling alot!!

    I do love ginger but FRESH!!! i also love cinnamon and fresh basil! :)

  2. my fam all lives about 2000 miles away so pretty much another country (but that's ok!! LOL). So happy for you that you are going to see your sis! And of course, thanks for the honest reviews on products, what you would and wouldnt buy again, not that i will ever encounter these products, but nice that you are bold and tell it like it is. me too :)

  3. mmm I have been enjoying my nairns biscuits at love love!

    I would love to go to ireland some day :) Lucky you!

    Most of my family come from and live in glasgow!!

  4. mmm fave spice?? nutmeg and cinnamon are divine! but I LOVE vanilla beans :) so tasty! xx

  5. For some reason, I very much dislike ginger in large quanitities. My favorite spice is cumin or curry. I could eat either fo those on anything!

  6. ahh YAY for empty nut butter jars!! so excited for YOU!
    your workout snack sounds aweesome girl!

  7. That's great news!! When are you going? Well since my mum's Japanese all of her family is over there. I would miss my mum so much if she lived in an other country!

    Ginger's amazing though I used to hate it too. Strange how our tastes change when we grow up.. ;) I LOVE spices and I'm not sure if there's one that I don't like.. ;)

  8. Cinnamon is definitely my favorite spice too. I find myself putting it on EVERYTHING these days! And that was before I even found out that there are such amazing health benefits from that sweet little spice =)