Saturday, 13 March 2010

Friday Free Day + a Fabulous Sister

Ok firstly I'd like to say THANK YOU so much for your kind words about my back, I know it has
been tedious the last couple of months, me going on but it looks like the worst is over so smiles all the way from now on! Secondly I have NO INTERNET! at home so I am currently at my sisters getting this post in before I start work so forgive me for the large amount of photos and the few words!

I am rewinding to yesterday first:

I started my day with the usual boiled egg, workout fuel! After I got on my way to the gym for a workout before work.

10 minutes cross trainer to warm up
50 minutes weight session

I took breaky to work overnight oats with soya yogurt, cinnamon, apple and hazelnuts


Ok so I'm going to be honest if you can recall my Makeover March post I said no chocolate or candy hmmmmmm I took a free day, its been nearly 2 weeks so I figured that would be ok as long as I got back to it today. I'm not going to beat myself up I think I'm doing pretty well! We got free chocolate sent to work because our company has won the best employer award so I thought it would be rude to not join in the chocolate fun!?

Lunch was steamed veggies with wafer thin turkey in a chili and tomato sauce

I ate this while reading company magazine I don't usually buy this mag but I had to yesterday as my sister was in it!!!!!!!!!

She is in the top 50 design blogs in the WORLD!

Jes and her fabulous home!

I was so excited when I picked it up from the shelf I let out a little squeal! Opps

I decided to go with the free day flow and honor Tina's cookie Friday

It was worth it! I love Nanas!!!!!!!!

After work I met my friend Wayne for a coffee and a gossip, he just went to see Lady Ga Ga, jealous! I had a soya coffee : )

I walked home and when I got there I was pleasantly surprised to have a fresh GF loaf waiting for me from my papa, I had a slice with hummus whlie I cooked dinner

Dinner was the last of my soup and toast with marmite and soya marg

I added some extra soya n=beans to my soup, gooooooooooood!

Pudding - chocolate orange protein ice cream yummy!

Continuing with the free day vibe I ate some minstrels they were worth every calorie!


On to today:

I started the day with some porridge with fresh blueberries, almond and linseed butter and yogurt

I also had a boiled egg

The blueberries really made this fab!

All mixed up into a yogurt mess a la Janetha

Right I have to get ready to go to work I'm cutting it fine, I think I may even invest in a 30 day dongle I can't live without the internet! Saddo maybe do I care no!

Have a good Saturday! x x


What do you think of my free Friday? Am I forgiven?

I'm thinking its Saturday a new day and anyway I think I earned my little binge!?

Could you live without the internet?

I honestly feel nervous about not having it! I love the net and I love to blog!
I want to read up on all the posts I've missed.........hmmmmmmm a dongle is sounding good!


  1. Oh I'm in a similar position right now. No laptop but internet. Wanna come to my place? ;)
    I eat chocolate every single day and even had ice cream yesterday so of course you're forgiven! I would never have the willpower to stay away from chocolate for a whole month.

  2. Everyone deserves a free day every once in a while! I think I would slightly freak without the internet, I've become so reliant on it for so many things, plus writing my blog has become a bit of a therapy for me so I wouldn't be happy if I couldnt blog!


  3. That is so cool about your sister!

    I could not live without internet. Every time my apt inet goes out, I freak. What is there to do without internet? I watch all of my tv shows on the net rather than on tv. Internet is my main source of entertainment.

  4. i am a firm believer in free days! love the yog mess :)

  5. couldnt live without the net, it's my life line :)
    and the nana's are great, arent they!