Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Foggy Morning and a GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!

Hey lovelies it seems you were all impressed with my goodies! Well read on and you'll get to the giveaway! But first onto the day. Look what I woke up to! The thickest fog I've seen in ages.

I got up early and got in 50 minutes of yoga before having to get ready for my driving lesson and work. The yoga is really helping my back, I just do a very gentle routine slow and deep breaths.
For the peeps that asked I'm learning to drive for my future job prospects, I never wanted to I really don't like cars but needs must and if I wanna get out of this town and get a good job I gotta get me some wheels!

I was glad when the fog started to clear a little, the thought of my driving lesson was starting to put the fear in me!

Creamy oats with apple and almond butter great breaky indeed!

There was also maca + ground linseeds in the mix.

I made it through my lesson and got to work, it was real quite and boring at work I can't help but think my brain cells are being destroyed working in such a non challenging job but I have plans to get my dreams into action watch this space!

I snacked on 2 boiled eggs around 11am

My sister popped by on her lunch which was perfectly timed as I was just about to go on mine : )
We sat on a bench and chatted it was fab! I had some cucumber.........

and salmon and hummus lettuce rolls

I used the lemon and coriander hummus and they were perfect!

I saved this bad boy for some energy before heading to the gym after work

This was yummy but not as good as yesterday! It hold me through my workout though so I'm not complaining! I had a great sweat fest too : -

20 minutes cross trainer - 2 minutes L8 fast/ 2 minutes L13 slow set on random
20 minutes treadmill - intervals - 2 minute fast walk 6.5mph - 2 minute run 7.5mph
12 minutes stepper L7/L8 set on random

I walked home after the gym and boy was I hungry!

I had the same as yesterdays lunch, and while my soup warmed up I gobbled some beets I love them! Anyone else just eat um off the fork like this?!

Pud turned out kinda wrong but I ate it anyway! Quinoa carob soup shall we say I added to much liquid!

Topped with hazelnuts and tahini this made everything ok!

Now onto what you've all been waiting for............

GIVEAWAY TIME!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep one of you lucky peeps is in for a yummy pack of goodness!

The winner will receive - 1 water bottle, caramel sweets, raw chocolate goji berry burst, honey flapjack bar, herb lozenges, ww fruities, mint choc hot choc drink, a sample day cream, and a benefit make up pack! How cool is this little pack of loot!? Well I'm hoping some of you are thinking that anyway! Plus there will also be 2 runner ups yep 3 giveaways!

The 2 runner ups will each receive one of my favorite 9 bars. These are the best seed bars ever and I want 2 of you to share my love for these bars!

So onto the rules -

1. Comment here on what you most want from the package

2. Blog about my giveaway and link to this post

3. Add me to your blog role and tell me you have in a comment

4. Follow me on twitter

5. Follow my blog by clicking the google follower widget

So there we have it not to much to do ay! I will announce the winner on the 1st of April

Good luck everyone!

P.S This is open to all no matter where ya living!


  1. Oh that fog looks nasty! I had my driving exam in thick fog and it was so scary (plus it was 7am in the morning). I passed though (maybe because I was being extra careful?) :)
    Fantastic giveaway! I would love to try the Berry Burst. I love anything with funny names :).
    Well you're on my google reader, does that count too? ;)

  2. hahaha wow, energy BOMB?! i love that product name.

    annnnyway, my entry is the water bottle because that is the gift that keeps on giving :)


  3. I would love the last bar you showed, G Bar!

  4. Oh my goodness! That fog is thick! Glad the driving lessons are going well :) I love beets too. I love them most when they're roasted! Such a fun giveaway- I'd most want to try the honey flapjack bar (just sounds like fun). Do we have to do all to enter? I don't twitter :( Let me know!

  5. Don't get me wrong.. I love food.. but I so have my eye on that benefit makeup!! :)

  6. Dangit.. I don't have a blog :( But I WOULD link to your post and add you to my blog role if I had one!

  7. i'd love to try the raw chocolate goji berry burst!

  8. Great giveaway, the benefit makeup looks really nice! And the hot choc :)

  9. I've put you in my draft post to be published tonight

  10. Wow, that honey flapjack bar sounds SO tasty!!

  11. Aw I don't envy you the driving lessons. I only learnt to drive 2 years ago, when I was 27, because I hated it. Now I have my license and my beautiful little grey beetle called Bug, and I love driving! Stick with it! Although I adore beefit makeup and would love to win it I don't have twitter!

  12. Caramel sweets! Those sugar-filled goodies have my name aaallll over them ;)

  13. And I am now following you on Twitter. I didn't know you had one!!

  14. Caramel sweets!! Those sugar-filled goodies have my name aaallll over them ;)

  15. ooo this looks like fun! I would most like to try that mint hot choc drink :D:D:D But everything looks so cool! Different from what we get here!

  16. I'd be most excited about that Berry Burst bar! You host the best giveaways. :-)

  17. I would love to try the BERRY BOMB because I love gojisss!!

  18. I blogged and linked back!


  19. what a great giveaway! the skinny cow cookies! YUM!

  20. What an amazing giveaway!
    Goji berry bust sound amazing!