Sunday, 21 March 2010

A Fabulous Day + A Bad Hangover!

Hello my lovelies how ya doing? I'm a little fragile but more on that later first I'm doing a little recap of yesterday.

I woke up at 4.30am because I was so excited about the day ahead! I was getting up at 5 anyway so just got up which meant I had time for some yoga before getting ready. I did 40 minutes then got my lunch made and breakfast.

I needed a filling breakfast so my porridge with ginger, frozen blueberries, linseeds, maca, yogurt and almond butter was perfect and very filling! 7am we were off to get the train we walked down to the station and off we went London bound......

Me and Maggie arrived in London at 9.30am and decided to grab a coffee before heading to the show. Soya latte with hazelnut syrup so good!

We arrived at the Vitality Show just after 10 and the was hundreds of women already there!
It was real busy with stalls everywhere with things to try, massages to have everything health and fitness you can imagine all under one roof, I was loving it! I didn't take many photos because there was so many people but I took a few of this pretty Italian stall:

Dried fruit, chocolate and sugared seeds/nuts

Italian sweets/cakes

Turkish delights and baklava, I bought a few chunks of turkish delight and Maggie went for the baklava

I packed a hummus and rocket sarni with raw carrot and turnip sticks for lunch

Yummy : )

After lunch we made our way to see Patrick Holfords talk, it was the high light of my day.
Everything he said made so much sense and I think I will give his eating methods a good try.

I picked this carob coated flapjack up on one of stalls it was quite tasty

There was so many new products to try an see that by 4pm we were knackered so we went to get our goodie bag and decided to make our way home. I ate my turkish delight on the train : )

I picked up this beautiful rice bread with flowers on it for my papa I just couldn't resist it was so pretty plus I knew my dad would love it

I also snacked on a Jazz apple. I love the taste of these apples, they were sampling them at the show so I got a few to take home. I got so much stuff its insane I will take photos of all my new goods tomorrow and show you all my finds but I just don't have the energy today.

When I got home I had some curried cauliflower soup with almond butter and marmite rice cakes. I also had to get ready to go out and see my friend Wayne. To be honest I was so tired I wasn't really in the mood for going out but I said I would and I didn't want to let him down so I put on some heels and off I went

Once I had a wine in my hand I started to get in the party mood!

Wayne made me a meringue and bought me the cutest cupcake cases! Our oven has broken so as soon as we get the new one I see some cakes in my future!

Me and Wayne, he kinda looks a little dazzled in this shot or maybe its the vodka......
I haven't had a drop of alcohol since new year so a mix of wine, vodka, rum and a couple of shooters took their toll!

We drank our booze in our favorite bar Hunnie Lu Lu's its a Hawaiian bar and I love the decor.
I was put in a taxi around 2ish and can't remember much else until I woke up this morning.
Wow I woke up with a hangover from hell! Booze really isn't my friend : (

I didn't get up till 2.30! That's the first for a long while I can tell ya, I got up starving and was in the need for real hangover food. I went for a tuna mayo sarnie with cucumber

and some salt and vinegar crisps! So so good and perfect for a hangover.

I'm feeling a little better but still pretty fragile I don't think I shall be drinking that much for a long long time! I'm enjoying my new series of Tru Blood too I'm vampire addicted! Time to chill me thinks I have tomorrow off too so another day to recover!
I hope you've had a fun weekend x x


Whats your alcoholic drink of choice? Do you stick to one or mix it up?

I usually just drink vodka but last night was an anything goes kinda evening!

Do you ever suffer from hangovers? Any good cures?

I drink so rarely that a hangover is more than likely for me : (


  1. I don't drink very often either so I completely understand your hangover pain! My drink of choice is usually white Wine but Vodka + Cranberry + Fresh Lime is delicious.

    Enjoy your new cupcake cases!

  2. Sounds like a fun day! What does Patrick say should we eat? ;)
    Oh god, hangovers are awful. I usually drink wine or beer but sometimes some vodka too. No idea what cures hangovers though, I just feel awful all day long and hope that it will get over soon.. ;)

  3. WOW! The vitality show looks so cool. I want some of those Italian sweets and the rice bread is GORGEOUS! You look so cute for your night out. And what a sweetie Wayne is. I'm a beer girl when I drink (which is hardly ever). Water and sleep is the only thing that ever cured me ;)

  4. Omg what a foodie spread with all those little samples, love the pics!

    and of your having a drink! And my fave drink used to be whatever was being served. LOL
    Then champagne and wine. But always vodka.

    hangover..water!!!!! coconut water, carbs. Pray to god it stops, and in 12 hrs it will :)

  5. Monday afternoon was not a good time to read your blog post - looking at all those foodie pictures has mad me so hungry!!

    In answer to your questions, my drink of choice is wine, usually white or rose for less risk of a hang over! Try not to mix as that is a sure fire way to guarantee a hangover, but will switch from wine to vodka & cranberry/ redbull half way through the night!

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  6. i am jealous of your weekend! hangovers blow. hope you are feeling better.

  7. The eats at that vitality show look amazing. So much fun!

  8. Hey! I saw your comments on Averie's blog. It's awesome to find another health food blogger who occasionally dips into the "sauce." Although I've dipped quite a few times since the new year, I'm afraid!

    My drink of choice? Red vino. I love a real heavy oaky cab that lays on my tongue like espresso. Vod is good too. But my fave hard liq is Tullamore Dew.

    This convention thingy you went to sounds so cool. Thanks for writing about it! I'm totally gonna go check out this Patrick dude.

    Marmite rice cakes? Holy crap. I need to get back to the UK.

    Happy healing <3