Sunday, 14 March 2010

Cabin Fever

Hey everyone!!!! Oh how I have missed you and your wonderful blogs! I have again come to my sisters to use the net and get this post to you, I also have time to catch up on yours, yay! I feel
insane but I actually feel a bit cabin feverish without the internet! Hopefully we should have our new wireless router tomorrow and by tomorrow night I'm hoping to be back on line if not a dongle will have to be bought, broadband in a stick genius!

So onto the start of my Sunday. I have the day off today whoop whoop! I love having Sundays off
especially when they are as nice as today, the sun is shining and the warmth in the air is lovely : )
I got up early today to go driving with my papa in my new car, it was the first proper drive in my car and I think it went pretty well, I can't wait to get practicing!

For driving fuel I had the same breaky as yesterday porridge with maca, ground linseeds, blueberries, soya yog and almond n linseed butter this was uber filling. We went driving for 1 1/2 hours it was nice and clear on the roads which helped

I got back and had a coffee with my papa and we chatted for ages, then the gym was calling my
name so I had a chocolate orange protein smoothie to keep my energy up, thick and delicious!

I've had a fab workout today:

30 minutes cross trainer intervals
15 minutes arm bike set on random
15 minutes stepper

After the gym I walked to my sisters and had a lovely hot shower and then a yummy lunch.
Hummus sarni with raw veggie sticks

This was a really yummy sarni

Followed by a protein bar, of course! I'm now writing this post and looking forward to reading yours!


Saturday Catch Up

Ok peeps I'm gonna keep this short and sweet photo overload and all that!

Saturday at work was crazy busy I didn't get lunch till 2.30, but it was worth the wait!
Turkey and hummus lettuce rolls with raw veggies

Great combo!

Afters was a wheat free carob and prune flapjack, I bought this from my favorite health food shop, it was quite bland to be honest but it seem to go down all the same! ; )

I made the most yummy dinner, prawn thai green coconut curry!

Every bite was really a joy to east the flavor was soooooooo good!

Pud oh sweet sweet pud! Carob ground rice with yogurt and raisins anyone that hasn't tried ground rice you gotta do it!


Whats your favorite fruit?

I love all berries and apples are my fav I think

Do you think a ground rice giveaway is a good idea?

It seems some of you can't get ya hands on the goods and I would love for you to get on the
ground rice pudding train!

P.S Hopefully see ya tomorrow x x


  1. I would go nuts-o without the internet so I totally feel for you :) Glad the drive in the new car went well- how fun. Yummy lettuce wraps- I want to make some of my own. My favorite day to day fruit is apples but I love papaya as a special treat. Yes! Def do the giveaway!!!

  2. Holy wow....your prawn thai green coconut curry looks mouth-watering and flavorful! Yum.

    My favorite fruit is probably bananas because I use at least one every day! I also love strawberries, grapes, and cantaloupe :)

  3. wow: Carob ground rice with yogurt and raisins
    and the lettuce wraps look sooo good...when ever i make them they seem uninspired, yours just make me wanna try again :)
    p.s. would you ever consider taking off your word verification?

  4. That dinner looks amazing! Thai food is so good :).

    A ground rice giveaway would be so lovely! Your puddings always look so scrumptious.

    Fave fruit is banana but that's no big surprise ;). But I think there's no fruit that I don't like.. They're nature's most wonderful sweets! ;)

  5. right now my favorite fruit is pineapple...being prego, i can't seem to get enough of it. and i always think giveaways are a great idea...ground rice pudding sounds delightful:)