Wednesday, 17 March 2010

A Bath with Bubbles

I would just like to say thank you ladies for all your tips on how to RELAX. Some great ideas,
I'm definitely going to try my book on meditation and hopefully get back into yoga I did get to relax a little more today but first onto food!

I started my day with a big bowl of porridge mixed with a small apple, maca, ground linseed's and topped with yogurt and almond/linseed butter this was uber filling. I got ready for work
and had a nice RELAXING walk through the park, I even stopped to sit and read for 10 minutes
on a bench in the sun : )

Work was really quiet and really boring I snacked on a boiled egg around 11.30

1pm came round and I was ready to have lunch if only to do something! I had some raw veggies

and a hummus and lettuce toasted sarni, I also had a protein bar but you guys know what one of those bad boys looks like!

After work I had planned to go to the gym but my back is feeling good after the osteopath and I thought it better to rest so my papa came down to get me from work and we went out in my car for a drive it went really well. I actually find driving really RELAXING because I have so much to concentrate on and I have to think about driving and nothing else

I bought a new product today. Mixed Berry Oat biscuits. YES OATS! I have had a small revelation
over the past couple of weeks. I am seeing a Chinese doctor whose is helping me with my back but other things are getting better too. I thought I was gluten intolerant because whenever I ate bread or gluteny food my tummy would go crazy! But I was told to try oats again and it seems my tummy is fine bread on the other hand is out so I'm thinking its the wheat maybe?! Who knows right now but I'm loving being able to get some great new products and old favorites (oats) back in my life the Chinese herbs really are working : )

Homemade soup, steamed veggies, hummus and rice cake with nut butter and marmite

Chocolate orange protein ice cream topped with dates and pumpkin seeds

So thick so good!

I have had a RELAXING bubble bath while reading my book and now some blog reading then bed. I plan an early trip to the gym so need to get some good shut eye tonight and


Do you have any allergies?

I wasn't able to eat dairy or gluten but recent events have changed this : )

What food could you not live without?

Mine would have to be porridge I love it! And veggies of course!


  1. those berry oat biscuit things look incred! i am not allergic to anything and i could not live without cereal!

  2. Glad you enjoyed driving vs. going to the gym! I'm sure your back will be extra kind to you tomorrow. Oat biscuits? Those sound fantastic. I'm not allergic to any foods (that I know of). Could live without nut butter, fruits, veggies & salsa

  3. Hey girl! Great eats for the day! And glad that you took a relaxing walk. I love relaxing walks :)

    I also love nairns oat biscuits! I have a great brit shop that I can get those! nom nom! :)

    I'm not really allergic to any foods! Just cats (in a big way) If I touch siamese cats..I basically have to go to the hospital lol.

  4. what recent events changed your allergies? meaning you gave them up for year(s) and then sort of went into remission? i have heard of that happening...i have too many allergies to mention :(
    the orange choc pudding..nice :)

  5. So good to hear that it's ok to have oats back in your life again ;). I am allergic to pistachios which really sucks.
    I can't live without porridge and salad! I basically eat them every day and never get sick of them. I also couldn't live without almond butter. Or chocolate. Or pasta. Or... ;)

  6. That protein ice cream looks delicious!

  7. glad your back is doing ok and you're relaxing :) that always makes a huge difference! I don't have too many allergies, but recently I've had reactions to pineapple, nothing serious, but my throat gets itchy. omg that protein ice cream with dates looks phenomenal, how did you make it?