Thursday, 4 March 2010

Banana Bread Gone Wrong

Ahhhhhhh nothing like a productive day off, I'm glad I'm not the only one that likes to plan things. I need to learn to go with the flow a bit though I think sometimes I'm way to strict!

I started my day with my usual boiled egg, while my banana bread cooked, I had to use my dads oven (lucky he lives next door!) because ours has broken, not good! While my bread baked I got to work on my nut butters............

I roasted some almonds and whizzed them up to make a perfect almond butter, then I roasted some hazelnuts and whizzed them up with some cocoa and a little agave. This didn't seem to smooth so I added a drop of walnut oil but it still just didn't go right. Its more of a dry sweet nut topping, it works for me so I'm happy!

Well as you can see my banana bread went wrong! I think I used to much banana, it just wouldn't cook though, so I finished it off with a quick blast in the microwave. I know that's probably wrong but it worked so who cares! I ate 3 slices with almond butter for breakfast and it was delish!

I got burned on the pan my roasted nuts were in, ouch! At least my blister looks cute ay!?
I popped down to the local shops later in the morning to stock up on some greens. Spinach,
cabbage and lettuce

For lunch I made a giant green monster, this included - 4 frozen strawberries, LL milk,
spinach, strawberry natural flavor, amazing meal and tsp of perfect sweet

I also had 3 lettuce wraps with hummus and ham inside

This was a yummy lunch, and a newbie for me, its definitely going to be eaten again

After lunch I typed up 1/2 of my assignment then went out for a walk/run. My kickboxing lesson was canceled which was a bummer but we have rearranged for Monday and I'm meeting him tomorrow for a personal training session at the gym. He's gonna help me get back into shape, for free! I'm a lucky girl!

My walk/run lasted for 40 minutes it was really sunny so I was glad I got out even if it was freezing!

I drank some water and had a protein bar when I got home to refuel.

I made my soup and couldn't resist a cup before dinner, spicy cabbage and swede = good!

I bought a george forman a couple of weeks ago so thought I give it a go. I cooked a lamb cutlet with mushrooms and veggies in a tomato sauce

Pud = ground rice, blueberry + apple puree + chocolate hazelnut topping

I cooked my ground rice with 1/2 LL milk and 1/2 water with a dash of vanilla extract, this is a new combo for me which really worked and tasted fab, another keeper.

I'm glad to have ticked all my to do things off my list I wrote yesterday, other than the kickboxing but I got some exercise in so all's good. I also booked a dental appointment, sent Lily's package and made a rather important phone call so all in all a productive day.

I have an early morning driving lesson so I gotta get up early to get lunch and gym stuff sorted and right now I'm getting my idol fix so time to chillax see ya x x


Do you make nut butters? How do you get them to go runny?

Almond butter I always make perfectly but others not so much, not sure what I'm doing wrong?

Any good gluten free banana bread recipes?

Mine just didn't go right its edible but not right!


  1. Nope to both! I've got a good banana cake recipe though, I'm not sure if it's the same... by definition cakes are unhealthy right? haha!

    Love the lettuce wraps! They look so good!

  2. That microwave idea is genius! I had the same probably with my muffins not cooking correctly due to too many stewed blueberries. I so should've used your trick yesterday!

  3. ahh sorry about your accident girl!
    your eats look AMAZING to me-love your dessert at the end-YUM!

  4. Sorry to hear that it didn't turn out that great & that you burnt yourself but your band aid and hello kitty jar look so cute!!
    Your lettuce wraps look great.

  5. Ah, sorry about the burn! But to be honest I'm super jealous of the ban-aid. I always try to find ballin' ones such as that, but never succeed. Ha!
    I have never made my own nut butters, kinnnnd of lazy. I'll get on it one of these days.
    Hope you weekend is spectacular woman!