Monday, 29 March 2010

The Answer To My Nut Butter Dreams

Hello!!!!!!!! What a great start to the week I have had! I hope yours is just as good? Here's a little list of happiness:

Delicious Breakfast
Great Driving Lesson
Beautiful Sunny Walk
Giveaway Arrival = Nut Butter Heaven
1hr Sweat Fest
Tasty Cake!

All in all a great day, other than the fact I have had raging toothache all day!!!!!
I have an emergency appointment Wednesday hopefully I can survive!

Anyway onto my happy day points.............

Delicious Breakfast!

This was easy and tasty. I started the Holford Diet today and the recipes so far are fab!

Breakfast - oats, ground linseeds, chia seeds and cinnamon all mixed with yogurt
topped with blueberries and a dollop of almond butter. This was filling!

After breakfast I had the best driving lesson! It went really well, I can wait to pass!

I had to pop into town to get some supply's for the new recipes I will be eating, I also had to pick up a package that had been delivered to work for me.
Before leaving I had a tahini yogurt.

My walk through the park was lovely the flowers were beautiful

I loved this one : )

I got so much stuff I could barely carry it but I'm pretty sorted for recipe making!

Lunch - Lentil, cabbage and Parsnip Soup which I cooked earlier, rough oat cakes and
chestnut mushrooms with red pepper hummus.

I really enjoyed this meal very very tasty!

My parcel! This was so cool, getting my giveaway gift on my day off! Plus the contents is my kinda heaven!

The lovely Debs from Smoothie Girl Eats Too picked me as the winner for her nut butter giveaway!!!!!!!!!! This was the winning photo - me Courtney Love style!

Look what else I got these bad boys went straight into the freezer! Saved for a months time maybe!

I love it!

This is the answer to my nut butter dreams! Debs sent me 4 samples of nut butter!
I had a teeny tiny taste of each but I gotta try and make these last, they're to good!

OMG OMG Hazelnut - so good!
Almond and Cocoa - delish
Brazil - yummy
Almond, Cardamon and Cocoa

Thank you so much Debs you made my day x x

Once my lunch had settled I got down to the sweat fest!

1hr - 20 minutes - squats, lunges, kicks leg raises
20 minutes - arm weights, push ups, dips
20 minutes - abs n buns

I love this DVD I haven't done it for ages. The hour goes really quick, each section is split up into four with 1 minute cardio blasts. Its a killer on the thighs!

I went to see my Osteopath today, he's happy with my back. Its been much better the last 2 weeks I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Before dinner I popped round to my dads to bake a cake! We still don't have a cooker luckily I can use my dads next door. I had a new cake recipe from my Holfod recipe book, while it baked I went home to cook din din's

Dinner - smoked mackerel, boiled egg, steamed veg and boiled sweet pot.
This was very satisfying : )

Carrot and Walnut Cake!

My cake turned out perfectly. Moist and delicious!

What made my cake even tastier I here you say........... DEBS BRAZIL NUT BUTTER!

My days eats went really well, I haven't had any tummy weirdness all day too which is great!
I think this way of eating is gonna be just fine!

I'm tired I gotta get some shut eye. My tooth is also insanely painful so I gotta get to sleep while the pain killers are working!


Do you have a favorite exercise move?

Mine is the plank, so good for the tum and lower back total winner!

Favorite Cake?

My mums apple cake is amazing!


  1. Homemade nut butters!!! Those all sound so amazing.

    Fave exercise: plyo lunges
    Fave cake: cookie cake!

  2. that was the longest post youve ever done i think!

    ive had deb's nut buttahhhhhs and they are great, you are a lucky girl!

    have an awesome week, Tam!

  3. That cake sounds so good! I usually always make muffins (because I want to try it before giving it to other people ;)) but you really make me crave cake.
    The giveaway sounds great! Love your photo. Now, where's Kurt?? ;)

  4. I love that DVD too! I think my favourite move is a squat with a shoulder press and a bicep curl, works legs, abs, arms and back! Love it!

  5. Sounds like you had a fabulous day (minus the tooth issue!). Great winnings (gotta love blog world :) :)). I always enjoy trying new nut butters. Great job with the cake and yummy lunchtime soup as well. Favorite workout move- probably squats!