Thursday, 18 March 2010

4 Days Off : )

Yay to having the next 4 days off!!!!!!!! Especially as I'm going to the Vitality Show on Saturday!
I'm sooooooooooo excited I could scream! Patrick Holford is doing a talk too and I so can't wait to hear him, he's like my god! Anyways onto eats.......

I had an egg to give me workout power before the gym

30 minutes cross trainer
25 minutes arm weights
1 minute plank

I prepared breakfast at home to take to work and it was just what I needed after the gym:

1/4 c. oats, 1/4 c. soya bran, 1/4 c. soya yogurt, dash of LL milk, 2 dates and 2 chunks of crystallized ginger chopped, tbsp ground lindseeds, tsp maca, 1 small apple and a tsp of tahini
wow loads went in! So good though!

The rest of my eats were basically the same as yesterday with only slight differences, lunch was a hummus sarni and veggies

Protein Bar : )

I had a 2hr driving lesson after work it went fine but I was ravenous after!

The last of my soup was eaten for dinner, today I added in some extra peas and soya beans, rice cakes and tahini on the side, I also drizzled some balsamic in

Carob Protein Ice Cream

In The Mix:

1 c. crushed ice
1/2 c. LL milk
splash of water
1/2 scoop chocolate protein powder
2 tsp carob
3 drips of natural orange flavor
3 tsp soya bran
topped with raisins and coconut

I think its the soya bran that really thickens and makes this ice cream fab!

Berrie Oat Biscuits couldn't resist trying these bad boys so glad I did they are real tasty!

I'm so happy to have 4 days off I really need to get away from work and the public they some times get me down! I don't even care that I have the dentist tomorrow and the thought of the needle is not getting to me its gotta be done so I'm dealing with it!

I think I'll pop to the gym before the dentist to work out any fear I may have good idea? What do ya think? I've also gotta dye my hair its looking wrong right now!


What do you love about going to food/health/fitness shows?

I love all the new products and free samples!

Do you have a favorite dried fruit?

Mine is pineapple but I rarely eat it as its so expensive, so I'm gonna go with raisins


  1. 4 days off?! lucky girl! i have never been to a show like that but i am sure the samples would be my fave too :) fave dried fruit? dang that is hard. i love the TJ's white peaches but i also love dried apples. anything that doesnt have ADDED sugar. i hate it when dried fruit has added sugar! cute spoon!

  2. I love your beautiful spoon!

    I've never been to a fitness show, but I want to!!

    I like dried peaches the best. And I disagree with Janetha. Dried fruit needs sugar!

  3. My favorite dried fruit is dates (which I just tried this week for the first time!) and apricots. Dab some almond butter or nutella on there and I'm in HEAVEN!

  4. That's great! I hope you'll have a great time :). The show sounda amazing but I've never been to one either :(( I'd love to go to the Yoga show in London this year but I don't know if I can squeeze in some free time..
    I love dried apricots, they're the best! :)

  5. enjoy your days off!!!
    and that antique spoon is just about the most beautiful utensil i have ever seen in the 'sphere! soooo pretty!!!!!!!!

  6. It's gotta be the free samples!!!

    My favourite drid fruit has got to be tart cherries - I can't get enough of them!