Tuesday, 23 February 2010

You Either Love It or Hate It

Hey guys, so I think its half and half on the hair dying, I sometimes wish I had never started the dying onslaught but I also love creating different looks so I suppose for me it works

My back is feeling a lot better today after yesterdays osteopath appointment, slowly but surely ay? I woke up early and got lunch ready for work and made a yummy breakfast. I started with my boiled egg then........

Strawberry quinoa porridge with yogurt, chia seeds and homemade chocolate walnut butter.
I don't need to tell you how good this was, right?!
It looks like a huge bowl, but adding extra water really adds volume plus the strawberries were whole and frozen, making this look like and UBER breakfast!

After breakfast I walked through the park to work, the rain was so heavy the day before the park was flooded, luckily there were only big puddles left so I didn't get stuck : )

Today was one of those work days that just seems to last for ever. I had an apple around 11am

Lunch couldn't come soon enough, if only to sit and read my magazine! I had the last of my vegan cream cheese with rice cakes, raw veggies and hummus

I haven't eaten celery in ages but its going to be making more of a appearance me thinks

I had one of the new bars I bought yesterday, almond and apricot. This was ok way to sweet though and it was so hard and chewy it made my jaw ache! I don't think I'll be buying another one

On my way home I popped into the store and bought a jar of marmite the saying goes
'you either love it or you hate it'
I love it! Oh the taste is so good!

I was ravenous when I got home so made a rice cake sarni with homemade walnut butter and marmite so good!

Look what came in the mail! The nice people at 9 bar sent me this tasty treat to try.

For dinner I made a cup of homemade soup and beef with steamed veggies in a chili sauce

This really did taste good, it was a flavor sensation in my mouth!

So was this pudding! Chocolate rice with soya yogurt and chocolate sesame snap

Its looks like a healthy sundae, do you agree?

Well what a blah blah day, I'm ready to get into bed and watch the Vampire Diaries.
I'm loving this programme teen vampires you can't beat it, well Tru Blood is still up there!


Have you tasted Marmite, did you love it or hate it?

I LOVE IT! Especially with tahini such a good combo

Do you like vampire films/programmes?

I love anything vampire!


  1. Hey chicky! Glad to hear the back is feeling better. I've never had Marmite- what does it taste like? Always love your rice cake sammies- I just love the consistency of rice cakes. Great dinner- especially those veggies- yumyum. I like Twilight. I haven't really ever gotten into any other vampire shows

  2. Marmite: Yes! It's the best! We've got a different kind of Marmite here in New Zealand though, it's a bit thicker and less strong - but I love the UK version too! I like it best with melted cheese, but there is nothing like plain Marmite on toast when you're sick.

  3. just the smell of marmite is skeevy to me so im afraid I will be taking a lifelong pass on that one :)

    the chocolate sesame snap looks awesome! what a cool find!

    And hair. Yes, i get it highlighted. I feel to drab and dingy without a little boost :)

  4. I've never had marmite- I've had vegemite though and don't really mind it- I need be hungover or really craving salt to enjoy it- those days happen though- more often then I'd like! hahah

  5. What does marmite taste like? I saw it at the grocery store this weekend, but the bottle was teeny tiny, and it was expensive!

  6. hey girl!
    i adore rice cakes-i eat one every night! i need to try a rice cake PB samie :)

  7. Your porridge and oats always look soooo good! I think you need to write all these down and make a cookbook for sure :) I have never had Marmite and actually Chris and I were talking about it the other day and wondering what exactly it is? lol I'll have to try it! I don't watch too many vampire films/shows but I did enjoy Twilight, something about those mysterious eyes!

  8. I LOVE TRUE BLOOD!!! I can't wait until season 3 starts in summer, plus the new book gets out in May. Exciting times!
    I have to watch Vampire Diaries (there are too many good TV shows out there!). Did you watch Moonlight? It was so silly (no wonder they cancelled it) but still lots of fun. ;)

    You know what? I packed almost the same thing for lunch today (bell pepper, carrots, hummus, paprika dip and rice cake with AB&J).
    I've never heard of marmite before. What does it taste like?

  9. I love that you're able to walk to work in the morning. That must be such a refreshing way to start your day! :D

    To be honest, I've never read or watched anything with vampires, so I don't really know if I'm "into" it or not. ;)

  10. that breakfast looks so amazing!!