Friday, 5 February 2010

Secret Valentine its on its way!

I had today off thankfully, but to be honest its been wasted, for some reason I got up today and my back is so painful. I feel like I'm back at square one not good. I see doc tomorrow though and
after crying a lot I guess all I can do is get positive because if I don't I'll never get better!

Right enough of the downer onto eats and very tasty eats at that. I woke around 7.30 and for breakfast had an uber protein smoothie. This is fast becoming my favorite breakfast round 2 will be tomorrow morning I'm pretty sure of that! I topped my smoothie with walnuts for some crunch

I was a little peckish around 11am and gave my belly some food for thought. Homemade protein bar with a smear of homemade almond butter, the almond butter made this bar so much better oh yeah!

I didn't feel hungry till about 3ish, that protein bar snack really kept me going. I was glad when lunch time came though cause I had a new food to taste!!!!!!!!! Yummy sesame burgers!

Wow these burgers are good, there is 2 in the pack and they are really thick so I had 1 and cut it in half and heated in a frying pan with a little spray oil.

I had my burgers on a bed of spinach, grated carrot, mangetout and red pepper. I also a drizzle of almond oil and some hummus, this went down a treat

I had a small apple with soya yogurt and a sprinkle of cinnamon for afters. Once my lunch had digested I got a big pot of soup on the stove and left it to simmer while I got to together my secret valentine's gift! If any of you read Janetha's blog meals and moves (if you don't, why not!)
you may well be taking part in this fun blog exchange. Janetha had the best idea to get a load of bloggers signed up to send each other secret valentines gifts, I'm so excited! I finally got mine sorted today and will send it tomorrow. Hopefully my valentine will receive it in time.

In the gift box - some chocolate lady bugs, a lovely smelling soap, a small perfume sample, a phone charm and I think the best of all a homemade badge by me!!!!!!!!

I really do hope she likes this little gift box of goodies, wouldn't you?! I know I would!

So not a completely wasted day, time for dinner my thinks. My pot of soup is calling my name.
The flavor I hear you ask Sweet Potato and Swede. I shall post the recipe tomorrow, I also see some ground rice and carob in my future.................


Do you have any hobbies other than food and exercise?!

One of mine is making these pretty badges, do you like?!


  1. From your last post, that protein bar looks great! My fave things to put in them are oats, protein powder, dates/raisins/dried fruit, and just wing it from there.

    Your secret Valentine is one lucky girl!!!!! What a great package and it looks so pretty!

    The stevia comment and you guys not being able to get it. Honestly, that is such crap! and I feel so badly for you! I never was much of a stevia fan but in the last year i have become one and would go nuts without it!

    Thanks, as always for your lovely & supportive comments you leave for me :) xoxox

  2. Oh no! damn back, the best thing is to stay positive for the best. That smoothie looks heavenly! What's in your protein bar? What a cute gift :) Other hobbies of mine, well to be honest most of it is consumed by food and fitness lol, I do love crafty stuff and photography is another hobby that I'd really like to get more into, does that count? Hope you feel better after seeing the doc