Monday, 1 February 2010

Secret Ingredient.......

Well its nearly time to say goodbye to the 1st of February, I still can't believe its already the second month of 2010!!!!!! Can you?!

So how has your first day of the month gone? Mine has been just one of those days not much happening at all. One good thing I found out my work health insurance will pay for my back treatment which is a real result, I really can't afford it but its definitely necessary!

Anyways onto the good tasting stuff! I woke up early today and did an hour of yogalates which got me hungry for a filling breaky. My morning porridge had a secret ingredient today, can you guess what it was?! SPINACH! Yeah baby I had a protein witches brew today and every bite was heaven

In the mix:

1/4 cup quinoa flakes + soya bran + low lacto milk
1 scoop of chocolate soya protein powder
3/4 cup water, 2 handfuls of spinach
tsp maca + cocoa
banana + almond butter

I whizzed the protein powder, milk, water, maca, cocoa and spinach in my smoothie maker then added it to a sauce pan with the quinoa and soya bran. I added half the banana and stirred. once cooked through I topped with the other half of banana and a dollop of almond butter.

I then walked to work and about 12pm I had a boiled egg not pictured sorry!

I finally got lunch around 2.30pm and tucked into my beef with veg in a tom, ginger and cinnamon sauce. This was a great combo.

I also had an apple with about a 3rd of this pot of natural yogurt, a great refreshing pud.
I walked home after work and got a blister from my new shoes : ( not great! I was definitely ready for a filling bowl of soup when I got home

What a filling bowl of soup I had, lentil soup just really is the best! I teamed it with some rice cakes and humus/almond butter. After din dins I popped round to see my papa to talk about a little thing we're organizing can't tell ya what just yet.........

When I got back I needed pud so made some raspberry frozen yogurt with some dates whizzed in and some walnuts on the top. Perfect.

I am not looking forward to all the wind and rain that has been forecast for the next few days, because I don't drive bad weather is not my friend especially when it comes to getting my exercise in but I shall be doing my videos which is something I guess.

I am now off to watch Glee! Ha ha ha I love it! Tell me you do too?!


What is your favorite flavor soup?

Mine has got to be sweet potato and butternut squash

How do you fit exercise in when your real busy/inconvenienced?

I totally do my videos, I have plenty to choose from!

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