Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Roll on Breakfast!

Is it weird that I've just eaten my pudding and I'm already looking forward to breakfast?!
Weird or just plain piggish! I do have a reason for my yearning, my pot of almond butter is ready to be eaten so you now what breakfast is gonna be! hehehehe

Anyway onto what i had for breakfast today! I made a raspberry smoothie soup and it was ace,
I wanted something different today and this worked defo.

In the mix:

1/2 cup low lacto milk + 1/2 of water
1 scoop sun warrior rice protein (plain)
maca + gums + dsp soya bran
raspberries + small banana
topped with pumpkin seeds and tahini

After my breakfast I went for a walk before work to get some steps in. I ended up walking for 40mins which nearly made me late for work! Once I was home I quickly got ready and walked to work. Today I broke and had a mid morning coffee :) I also had a boiled egg, love um!

For lunch I had a rice salad while catching up with one of my fav mags. My salad included brown basmati rice, carrots, red peppers, 5 olives, mangetout and 2 tsp ground linseed's. I love linseed's in my salad the nutty flavor is so good, I also made a dressing from walnut oil and balsamic vinegar top nosh!

I also had a crispy apple, which made me feel good considering what was glaring back at me from my magazine!

When I got home I was pretty hungry and as I had to make a soup I decided some rice cakes and almond butter would see me through till dinner.

I made curried butternut squash and kale soup

with beets, broccoli and a dollop of hummus on the side, big thumbs up

Pudding was ground rice with carob, coconut and 3 dates topped with yogurt

I am stuffed to the gills it was worth it though!

I have to admit I am now off to feed my new addiction..........The Vampire Diaries! Have you seen it? Oh its sooooooooo good, I've seen the first 2 episodes and can't get enough.

Yesterday: 9575 steps nearly there!
Today: 14274 smashed it!


What do you think of mixed nut butters?

I'm making some tomorrow as I have a big jar of mixed nuts


  1. Curried butternut squash and kale soup sounds YUMMY. I've never had mixed nut butter, but the concept sounds great to me!!

  2. I'd love to eat at your house for a weekend. I think I'd come away inspired.

  3. Hi Tam!
    The Pudding was ground rice with carob, coconut and 3 dates
    looks great!!!!!

    Thanks for your comment on my guest post on Janetha's blog, too. You're the sweetest :)

    and this:dressing from walnut oil and balsamic vinegar top nosh!

    bet that's super tasty too! yummy!

  4. Hi Tam! Finally I'm back here on your cute blog!

    Please tell me how that mixed nut butter turns out- you know with all of the zillions of combos, I've never done a nut combo, just flavors (spices and the like).

    That magazine page was just wicked!

  5. I'm totally into mixed nut butters- and you.

    Just saw you through Janetha's blog- love yours, and I think you're as cute as a cherry button and I want to eat everything on here!

    Looking forward to reading more!

  6. Your meals look so good, especially that pudding (since I'm a sucker for all things sweet.. ;)).
    I've never had mixed nut butters before but I'm currently too addicted to almond butter.
    I really want to start watching Vampire Diaries too but I already watch so many TV shows, it's getting out of control! ;)

  7. SO many good eats today. I think my favorite is the rice salad from lunchy. Yum Yum Yum! I'm not sure I've had a mixed nut butter. I must try