Thursday, 25 February 2010

Pay Day Shopping + a GIVEAWAY!

It seems some have you have tried the 30 day shred and give it the thumbs up so I'm gonna get to it! I'll let you know how it goes. Hot foods are given the thumbs up too bring on the chili!

I got up early and went out for a morning power walk, I actually did some interval training. I
want to run and its so frustrating not being able too, so today I walked for 4 minutes and ran for 1, not much I hear some of you say but little by little and then when my back is better bring on the hour runs!!!!!!!! I did my walk/run for 45 minutes so I was happy with that.

My breakfast was the same as yesterday just with a different topping, walnuts and raisins, yum

After breakfast I walked to work through the park : )

I only worked 11-3.30 today so no lunch break for me, not good! I made sure to take easy foods to work so I could snack while I worked. I made a tasty green monster, lots of spinach, an apple, amazing meal, milk, water and a little of the gums

I also had some raw veggies and a protein bar. The bar was not good I decided to try and rescue the rest when I got home..........

I met my friend Wayne after work for a catch up gossip and a coffee, small soya latte
deliciously creamy just the way I like it
I left Wayne and went to the shops on my way home I bought so much stuff!

I was starvalicious when I got home so grabbed a quick snack, rice cakes, marmite + tahini, marmite + walnut butter, they hit the spot, then I had to put the goods away!

Look what I bought:

Agave, cherry jam (no added sugar), dessicated coconut, cocoa powder, 2 pear, 2 apple and blueberry puree's, and a small jar of marmite more on that later........... ; )

Buckwheat, the best soya yogurt, falafel's, soya beans, aubergine,
Can you tell it was paid day!? he he he he

Before dinner I did level 1 of the 30 day shred, sweaty!

Dinner looks kinda crazy but it worked for me so that's what counts right?!

The last of my soup, roasted chicken leg (I put celery salt and turmeric on the skin), beets and roasted garlic. This was a tasty mix.

I tried to rescue my protein bars, so obviously had to try them to make sure they were ok.
Hmmmmmm not the best but they'll do

So after my first post on the mighty MARMITE, it kinda made a stir with lots of you.
Soooooooo I thought it would be quite fun to do a little give away!
I picked up a small jar of marmite at the shops and one of you lucky readers will finally get to put your wondering to rest and taste one of my favorite spreads. It definitely has a strong salty taste and its true you either love it or hate it but I'm hoping whoever wins will love it!!!!!

So sweet readers if you would like to get your hands on a jar of the Mighty Marmite
here's what you have to do:

Leave a comment on this post telling me why you want to taste Marmite

Blog about my giveaway and link back to this post (let me know if you do in the comments)

That's it I will choose a winner on Sunday night, this is a worldwide giveaway!!!!!!!


Whats your favorite way to eat falafels?

Mine is with hummus and salad : )

How do you take your coffee, straight up black/milky/sugar?

I usually have a coffee with a little cold low lacto milk or on a occasion a soya latte, yum


  1. marmite give away...that's cool! that is a give away ive never heard about before :)

    love your eats, girl. The pinkish smoothie in the previous post looks DELISH!!!!

  2. i would like to try Marmite since I have never had it before and love trying new foods from blogs!!!

    i love falafels dipped in hummus and tzaziki!! i also drink iced soy lattes or coffee with a splash of creamer or soy/non-fat milk.

  3. I want to taste marmite because I've genuinely been curious about it for a few years now. Plus, I love trying new stuff!

    I drink my coffee with a bit of vanilla soymilk and half a stevia packet.

    I like my falafel with hummus!

  4. wahooo for slowly bringing the running back! I haven't tried the 30 day shred but have heard so many good things. I don't think your dinner looks weird- that soup looks awesome! I want to try the marmite mostly because I've never tried it before and I think I'd love it! I've never had falafel! I know! And coffee= skim milk and a little bit of stevia

  5. id LOVE to try that stuff! i cant find it anywhere near me!!

    this is so sad-ive NEVER had falafel! ahh!! id prob love it w. humus!
    i love coffee w. creamer and truvia :)

  6. I take coffee with splenda and half-and-half!
    I already have marmite! I created my own dish with it, sort of a marmite-glazed kabocha was delish! :-)

  7. I heart marmite, but I love it on toast which I try not to eat. I must admit its not a complete chore when littlun leaves a marmite soldier at breakfast :)

  8. What a fun giveaway! I would love to try that. To be honest, I've been intrigued by vegemite for quite some time because the Aussies are apparently obsessed with that stuff. You said that it's similar to it so I'd looove to give it a try ;).

    Your walk/run sounds great! I can imagine that taking things slowly is sometimes a bit frustrating but it's good to hear that you stuck with the walk/run nevertheless. You'll run faster than the wind in no time, I'm sure ;).

    I rarely drink coffee, now isn't that weird? But I love me some good cappucino. No sugar though.

    Oh please say how the falafels are! We have the same ones over here and I've wanted to try them for ages.

    Boooy that is a long comment. ;)

  9. I would love to try marmite as I have never had it before, and this give away is great as its probably not something that I would buy for myself! The way people have described it makes it sound like something I would love, as I really like savory, salty tasting stuff. I'll be linking back in my post tonight xxx

  10. I'd love to try marmite because....I have absolutely no idea what to expect! And I really love trying new things.

    I drink my coffee with heavy cream and a tiny sprinkle of stevia!