Monday, 22 February 2010

Old Favorites and a New Find

Hey sweet readers how's ya Monday? Mine was good because its been my day off : )
I started my day with another workout DVD

30 minutes of pump (weights, squats etc.)
30 minutes of cardio box

It felt good to get my sweat on, my back felt a little sore after but I had the osteopath today
so he massaged the stiffness out

After my workout I had a boiled egg and a bowl of apple porridge.

In the mix - 1/3 c. quinoa flakes, 1/3 c. LL milk, 1/3 c.water, 1 apple grated, tsp maca
soya yogurt stirred in at the end and topped with chia seeds and cinnamon plus a tsp of homemade tahini, twas a breakfast fit for a king

I had planned to go into town today but the rain was so heavy I decided against it

I spent the morning reading, and surfing the net then I had to get ready to see my Chinese doc

It was definitely a raincoat and wellies kinda day

It was pretty cold out too so I thought a hat would be a good idea

So do ya like my wellies!? Cute huh?

On my way back home I popped into the local shops to buy soup ingredients and also got some goodies and hair dye

The sesame seed bars with chocolate are an old favorite of mine and they were on offer so I thought I'd get a few packs, I also bought some of these other tasty looking bars. 1 almond and apricot and 1 macadamia and hazelnut both high in fibre and rather tasty looking

For lunch I had 1 tahini and marmite sarni and 1 walnut butter and marmite as well as raw veggies and hummus

I made a strawberry iced pudding with 1 c. strawberries, 1/2 scoop plain soya protein powder,
1/4 c. milk, and water topped with a drizzle of agave, yum

After lunch I made a big pot of veggie soup and a friend popped round for a chat. 5pm I had my osteopath appointment. He thinks it shouldn't be too long before I'm back to normal as the pain has now localized to one point, oh I will be having a party when I'm better that's for sure!

I had my soup for dinner, I heated it back up in the vita so it went all frothy

I also couldn't resist a little more hummus on my steamed veg, such a good combo!

Holy Moly this was a fab pudding, I made ground rice carob pud topped with soya yogurt and one of the sesame bars I bought earlier, so good!

I will have to rest my back tomorrow other than walking to work, I don't want to ruin the osteopaths good work do I now!

I just dyed my hair and to honest the colour is not to hot I might have to buy another one and dye over it! Ah well we live and learn ay?

I have a Glee calling so I'm off, night x


Do you dye your hair?

I have dyed my hair since I was 11!

Whats your favorite sauce?

I love hummus and I am a kethup lover too, fries need kethup!


  1. Red curry sauce is my fave! I've never dyed my hair. I probably wont, until the day comes that my hair turns grey. It just seems like such a hassle. I'm a little to no primp kind of gal.

    I could've used some "wellies" in South Carolina today.

  2. I've dyed my hair for years, I'm a natural brunette with a touch of auburn. When I was younger me and my best friend used to buy packs of henna from the body shop and sit for hours on end with cling film wrapped round our heads waiting for our hair to turn bright red! I actually died my hair on sunday, it was getting desperate and some little greys are coming through! I died it a dark reddish brown, much darker than I'm used to but I think I suit it (well I hope I do!) xx

  3. I am SO jealous of your wellies!! So cute and fun! :)
    Chocolate sesame seed bars are a favourite of mine too. The crunchy sweet sesame works so well with the chocolate.
    I died my hair when I was younger but figured that my natural hair colour suits me best.
    Hummus. Mmm.. Definitely earns a top spot!

  4. I used to die my hair because my natural colour is kind of brown, kind of blonde, - almost mousey coloured.
    But I got sick of the re-growth and constant "oh, you dyed your hair again?" comments - so I'm growing it out! I love changing my hair all the time too, I cut it short [really short!] awhile ago, it was so fun. But I missed long hair so I'm growing it long again, phew, it takes awhile!