Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Not Long Now!!!!!!!

Yep I'm all smiles today, its the first day since I hurt back before new year that it hasn't been painful all day! I actually was able to not think about it today. It looks like things are on the up for this girlie and I can't wait to exercise!!!!!!

Breakfast was kinda weird, I made a protein pancake mix and it totally didn't work so I made it into a porridge kinda thing topped with banana, yogurt and nut butter. It definitely worked and was a real tummy filler : )

After breakfast I had another walk through the park on my way to work which was great, I'm loving the nature first thing in the morning its great!

My breakfast kept me full till lunch and I had exactly the same as yesterday, the only difference being the magazine. I found this new one on women's running and couldn't resist, just making myself eager to get back to it!

Pud again was a homemade protein bar, so in love with these!

I finished work and had to go to the chinese doctor who is sure come the first of much I will be fit enough to get back to proper training!!!!!!! BRING IT ON!

Straight after I had an osteopath session and again he is confident I will be good for 1'st of may, oh gosh i really can't wait to get back to fitness I feel so cruddy at the mo.......

Last night my friend Wayne ave me this Tom Yum paste to spice up my recipes so I thought tonight would be the perfect time to do so.........

So I added a good 3 heaped tsp to my beef mince, onion and peas, um spice is an understatement! This is soooooooooooooo hot my mouth was burning. I had some hummus and steamed veg on the side but had to add some soya yogurt to tame the burn. I still managed to eat it though!

Pancake Day!!!!!!!!

I couldn't resist having a pancake today as it is shrove tuesday after all! I topped my pancake with chocolate protein mouse, raisins and a few dollops of soya yogurt twas pretty good if I do say so myself. I was busting at the seams after though!

Thankfully my tummy has digested the pancake mound and I'm now feeling sleepy : )

Before I leave though I thought I'd share a new product I picked up today. These were on offer so I thought I'd give um a go. They're pure fruit puree's 2 apple and strawberry and 2 pear. I think they will be tasty mixed into my porridge what do you think?


Do you have any good cabbage recipes?
I've been told to eat more cabbage but other than soup or boiled I'm kinda stumped so would love some good ideas x x


  1. pancake with chocolate protein mouse, raisins, oh yeeahhhh babyyyy! That looks good!

    Hemp recipes, linkage please!

    Cabbage. Raw, sliced, with my vegan slaw dressing that i post about all the time. Carrot slices, raisins, too. Let it marinate/wilt a bit for a half hour before you eat it. Good stuff. The apple cid vinegar (or just vinegar) in the slaw dressing will tenderize the cabbage a bit for u :)

  2. you look beautiful!! LOVE the headband-you totally rock that girl!

  3. Mmmm both those pancakes look delish...and yay I'm excited for you to be able to exercise again:)
    I've seen those fruit before, bet they'd make a great yoghurt topper too.
    As for cabbage- does red cabbage count? I love braised red cabbage with apple, or normal cabbage is in lots of asian recipes- stir-fries, salads with peanut sauce. It's a versatile veg!

  4. I love your headband! You're adorable. :-) Never seen that fruit puree, but it looks interesting. Good idea to try it in oats!

  5. Yay for finally feeling better! Your hair is so cute! love that look. I hate when foods are too too spicy, yowza. My grandma would always make us stuffed cabbage with rice, ground beef, sometimes veggies and then served it with kind of like a marinara sauce on the side. They are soo good!

  6. Hi Tam,

    I sometimes like cabbage steamed and then mixed with some mashed roast sweet potato and sauted onions or leeks, its lovely! I also love cabbage in stir fries with loads of soy sauce and fresh ginger. Really enjoying your blog! Please check mine out at: http://keepingslimandgettingstylish.blogspot.com/


  7. So good to hear that your back is feeling better! Not being able to exercise must be a pain...
    LOVE your headband by the way! Looks so good on you :)!
    I really have to try the rice waffle / nut butter sandwiches, they look fabulous.
    Tom Yum soup is fabulous but often SO hot. I like the idea of adding the paste to a dish other than soup to spice things up a bit.

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