Friday, 12 February 2010

My Secret Valentine!!!

Firstly I'd like to say HELLO to all you new readers! Its nice to see my regular visitors as well as some new faces, I love visiting all your blogs you give me so much inspiration so thank you one and all x x

I woke this morning and low and behold the ice was still there thick and dangerous, this meant no power walk again : ( I hoping it will have cleared tomorrow so i can get a walk in. I still got up early though, the body clock has no mercy, washed my locks and got my lunch ready for work. I couldn't resist a warm breakfast so I went for protein millet porridge with banana, raisins and nut butter, twas scrummy yummy!

After my tummy pleaser I walked to work unfortunately I slipped a few times which was a little bad on the back but I'm keeping the smile fixed on the face! I had a coffee mid morning with vanilla soya milk and also had a boiled egg. Then look what turned up.................

My secret valentine parcel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the box; a candle, hair mask, a pretty hair clip and head band, bar of dark chocolate orange chocolate and a chocolate heart as well as a sticker/note. I smiled all day!

I just going to admit it, the heart got gobbled! This lovely lady knows how to make a single girl smile! Thank you so much I love it all x x

I got to eat lunch around 2pm, I had a delicious salad which included quinoa, raw veggies, avocado, ground linseed's and my fav dressing of the moment walnut oil and balsamic vinegar.
I followed my salad with a homemade protein bar these are just to good!

I finished work at 4.30pm and was greeted by my friend Wayne rose in hand! Yes bless him he bought me a rose, I felt loved that's for sure. We wandered about town for a while and I popped into a store called sports direct, it has loads of sports clothes at discount prices. I got a fab new hoodie which is leopard print with a furry hood, I'll post a pic soon promise! I thought it best to get home before the dark came so I said farewell to Wayne and walked home, it felt good to walk. I so can't wait to be back exercising properly I will be shouting from the roof tops after my first spinning class! I have faith it will be very soon and I will be back to sweaty workouts yay!

I really wanted chips tonight but i thought instead of getting the greasy chip shop chips I'd make my own, the craving had to be fed so who was I to argue!?

I had the last of my kale and butternut soup, a large beetroot and homemade sweet potato fries. I also had a some hummus and tomato ketchup for dipping. Man this was good.

For afters I made some chocolate mint protein mouse topped with raisins and pumpkin seeds.
I couldn't eat it all so the rest went into the fridge for tomorrow.

I have a feeling the chocolate bar form my secret valentine may be tried later..........

I'm looking forward to Sunday I actually have it of work so if the weathers good I'm hoping to maybe meet up with a friend in the morning and then in the afternoon hang out with my papa.
I have work tomorrow though boo hoo! Finishing at 4.30 though so not all bad.
Right I'm going to read your fab blogs then get some shut eye x x

Question: Do you have any plans for Valentines Day with your man or singles maybe with a friend?

I'm a single girl still so its a good friend and a hug form my papa
Can you keep chocolate/treats around or do you just eat it all to get it out of the house?

I try not to buy sweet treats as I just eat them all so they're not hanging around I have no self control!


  1. What a fun package! I should have participated in that... Looks like so much fun :)

    I love making my own versions of things. Sometimes (not always) they turn out better!

  2. i had sweet tater fries tonight too!
    that looks like an AWESOME package!