Friday, 26 February 2010

The Best Gluten Free Bread!

Morning! I thought I'd get a post in now because I wont be able to do one later, why?
My friend Leanne is coming round after work for chips and scary movies!

I woke up early and had a DELISH breakfast. A boiled egg (it popped!) and carob ground rice in a jar!
Wow this was good - 1/4 c. ground rice, 1/2 scoop choco soya protein powder, maca, milk, water, 3 chopped dates, soya yogurt all in a nearly empty tahini jar!

Every bite was a delight! Great combo indeed. After breakfast I had a driving lesson, more bay parking. I'm still having trouble with hills, for some reason they petrify me?!

My dad picked me up the best gluten free bread when he was shopping last night. This really is the BEST GF bread you'd never know the difference and they now do it sliced, for the perfect sarni!

Yeah Baby! Look at me yummy prepared lunch. Spinach, pepper and hummus

So snacks and lunch is gonna be good! Sarni = YUM, protein bar = YUM, raw veggies = YUM
YUMMY all round then! he he he he

Just drinking a coffee with 1/2 tsp agave. I stopped having sugar in coffee years ago, but just
lately I've been having a little. I know I shouldn't but sometimes a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do, right?!

I'm having a rest day today, back is a little sore after yesterday so I don't want to go backwards in the mending of it so I'm going to leave for work early and get a good walk in before. The seafront is calling my name and with the sun shining I guess I should take advantage.

Anyways better get going have a fantastic Friday peeps x x


Do you like black n white/sepia photos?

I much prefer them they seem a lot kinder to the eye (and my face!)

Whats your favorite raw veggie?

I think mine has to be carrots or pepper, I love most though!

P.S Don't forget about my MARMITE GIVEAWAY!


  1. I've never heard of ground rice but it sounds SO good! :)
    Since I love all things nostalgic and vintage I'm also a huge fan of black and white photos. There's something about them that makes them look super classy.
    I eat carrots and pepper raw all the time but I also love any other veggie that ends up in a salad raw. :)

  2. Hey woman, thanks for stopping by the ole blog! Agreed, sepia or black and white photos treat the face kindly.
    Favorite raw veg? Toughie. Possibly mushrooms, but I've recently found new love in brussel sprouts.
    Oh and love the glasses chica, too cute :)
    Have a ballin' Friday!

  3. I love black and white photographs. Not so much Sephia.

  4. I love you- you are so cute! I want to move to the UK so we can have bloggy meet ups! hahah

  5. Have you tried the new Marmite cereal bars yet?

  6. you are so awesome girl!
    that bread sounds GREAT! oh my goodness!
    fav raw veggie-DEF tomato or they count?!

  7. Anonymous I haven't tried them are they gf!?

  8. I don't know what gf means haha! I've found them in Morrisons... and Waitrose. They're a little odd as they're a savoury cereal bar... you can definitely taste the Marmite too! I prefer Marmite in its natural state but for £1.99 for a pack of 6 they're worth a try! Ingredients: Cereals (wheat, rice, oat), Soya Kernels, Rice Starch Syrup, Marmite (16%) (Yeast Extract), Vegetable Extract, Niacin, Thiamin, Spice Extracts (Contains Celery), Riboflavin, Folic Acid, Vitamin B12, Palm Fat, Sugar, Barley Malt Extract, Salt.

  9. GF = gluten free, but I see wheat so there a no no damn it! x