Wednesday, 17 February 2010

More Nature Lovin

Howdy Doody friends so we've made it to the half way point, how's it going for you?
Firstly I'd like to say thank you for all your cabbage ideas they sound so good I can't wait to try them all! I just made a big batch of Butternut Squash and Cabbage soup but after that bad boy its on to some new recipes.

I started my day with a bowl of chocolate protein porridge in my very empty nut butter tub, I also had some soya yogurt and roasted tahini. Homemade roasted tahini I might add! I made it last night and its fab!

I walked to work through the park again today........

Sorry about my nature loving pic's but the park is just so beautiful I wanted to share it with you

Do you like?

Today was one of those work days when ya just can;t wait to leave. Pretty much every customer I served had a complaint and it was beginning to get me down. I was very glad when lunch time rolled round. It was exactly the same as yesterday with addition of a boiled egg I also had an apple about 1/2 hour later.

I finished at 4.30, practically ran out of the door and went to the store on the way home to get my soup ingredients. When I got home I grabbed a rice cake with tahini and some pear spread no photo as I pretty much inhaled it! I popped round to see my papa before dinner, so love it that he is my neighbor!

Dinner was my other sea cake halved and cooked with spray oil, mixed steamed veggies in a tom/chili sauce today I only used a tsp of the hot sauce but it still burned I added some yogurt half way through the sauce is gonna have to go!

I definitely be buying these sea cakes again, yummy

After my mouth burner of a dinner I needed something to cool the fire and my protein ice cream was just the ticket! Topped with raisins and yogurt, perfect : )

I just made some protein bars and have some theory test practicing to do so I'm loving and leaving ya.


What is favorite meat/fish free protein?

I think mine has to be eggs but those sea cakes are delish too. I also love pulses but to many make my tummy bad : (


  1. Great day of eats and beautiful pictures of the park. The sea cakes sound very interesting! My favorite meat free protein is definitely beans! I love pinto, black, kidney, chickpeas, etc! So delicious in a variety of dishes :) Hope you're having a nice one

  2. Wow, that park looks beautiful, it must be lovely to have a walk like that before work instead of most peoples traffic jam nightmare!

  3. Oh my, that park is gorgeous! Unfortunately my walk to work leads me through the city :( Definitely not as pretty as that park!
    I really love lentils, eggs, edamame, low fat quark and beans. Haha, basically any kind of protein that isn't fish/meat because I'm a vegetarian..

  4. I love beans- lots and lot's of beans- or tofu- both are pretty great.

    Fantastic photos- don't let the comments get you down at work- they don't know you and so what if you screw up once or twice at work?! It makes a good story later in life! xo