Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Mixed Nut Butter Check, The Tastiest Protein Bars Check!!!!!!!

What a great day off! I hope yours has been as good as mine?

Yes this is why I couldn't wait to get up today, my nearly empty almond butter tub! I had a delicious breakfast in this bad boy........

Into the tub went some millet/choc protein porridge, every bite was heaven.

After breakfast I roasted some nuts for my mixed nut butter..........

Walnuts, almonds, brazils and hazelnuts roasted till golden brown...........

I put the roasted nuts into the vita mix and made the most delicious nut butter. To all you lovely ladies that commented its DEFINITELY worth trying! There was more than this to start with but I put 3 desert spoons into my protein bars.

I went out for a long walk mid morning around the park again, it started to snow but that didn't stop me. I walked for an 1 1/2 hrs it was great especially when the sun came out : )

I made my TASTIEST PROTEIN BARS before my walk and left them in the freezer to chill. I think I've found the recipe I've been looking for, these bad boys were AMAZING!!!!!!!!!
I based the recipe around Averies protein bars but tamzinfied them! I kinda used whatever I had so I will try to create the recipe for you the best I can........

Tamzin's Fudgey Protein Bars

1.5 c buckwheat flakes
1 banana
1/2 c pear + apple spread
(literally just pears and apples condensed)
3 dsp homemade mixed nut butter
1/2 c unsweetened dessicated coconut
1/2 c raisins
2 scoops chocolate soya protein powder
1.5 scoops vanilla hemp protein
1/2 c chia seeds
2 Tbsp ground linseeds
a little water + milk to make mixture sticky (your judgment)

I mashed the banana, then added all the dry ingredients and mixed. I then put in nut butter and pear n apple spread and mixed again. There is way to much dry stuff so you will need to add a little water/milk to make mixture completely combine. I probably used around 2 tbsp of water and 2 of milk. Once all combined I put the mixture into a container lined with parchment paper and left it in the freezer to harden. When it had stiffened I then cut it into 12 good sized bars.

Man O Man these bad boys are soooooooo good! They are fudgey and delicious, plus you can't taste the hemp protein which is a bonus! I'll admit I ate 2, I just couldn't resist!

The rest were wrapped and put into the freezer ready for grabbing and taking to work.

The protein bars were a real tummy filler but by 2.30pm I thought I'd best some lunch in my tum before my driving lesson at 3. I had some butternut and kale soup with beets and a boiled egg. I drizzled some balsamic vinegar into my soup, perfection.

After my drive I was ready for an afternoon snack which consisted of a chopped apple topped with soya yogurt and cinnamon.

This fueled me for a VERY IMPORTANT phone call I had to make. It was a phone call that has put my future plans into motion. I still can't tell what that is because you never know who is reading your blog if you catch my drift!? Just know that I am SUPER excited and really can't wait to let you all in on my secret!

Dinner was a protein tummy pleaser that's for sure. Quinoa with minced beef, onions + garlic in a tom and basil sauce with a side of steamed broccoli and carrots

I think quinoa is easily my favorite grain. Its so high in protein and just tastes so good!

Wow this was a good pud, avocado chocolate mint protein chilled mouse topped with tahini and soya yogurt.

I definitely ate way to much fat today, it tasted bloody good but I think tomorrow I will try and eat a little less! My day has been pretty crazy my head is needing to rest so I shall say goodnight.

P.S My guest post has been put up over at meals and moves so if you have time check it out, plus you may like to say congrats to the lovely Janetha as she got engaged on her holiday!!


Do you eat a lot of fat?
(good fat that is!)

I eat a lot which is one of my downfalls, I know I eat good fats but its still fat right?!


  1. that bar recipe sounds amazing i want to make them look delicious!
    ahh healthy fats are the best, i am going to turn into an avocado or a coconut or an almond one of these days hehe...i cant believe looking back i was once afraid of fats! and now my diet is like full of healthy fats, i couldnt live without nuts! :]


  2. Your protein bars look delish!! glad you found the right combo. I think quinoa is possibly my favorite grain too because it cooks quick! Oh my gosh, I want a vitamix to make awesome nut butter like yours, looks to die for. Yes, I tend to eat a lot of good fats, especially in the form of peanut butter. Need to keep that in check even though they are 'healthy'. good luck with your future plans!!!

  3. Eating a lot of healthy fats is a good thing!!

    I love the looks of your protein bars. The ingredients are all healthy too!

  4. cant wait to hear the secret!
    yes-i LOVE my fats! they help your skin and hair soo much too!

  5. Excellent!!!
    Your blog just gave me a lot of great ideas: we are trying to eat healthy food too.

  6. Wow, so you basically make your nut butter from scratch? Impressive! I'm allergic to all nuts, so I only eat oeanut butter, but even then, I can't really imagine msyelf actually 'cooking' it lol

    As for the fats, I eat just teh right amount. Which wasn't always like that though :) I just started monitoring my intake and substitured all teh bad fats with the good stuff. On some days when I eat less of it than I feel I should, I just sprinkle a piece of my (whole grain) bread with olive oil and I'm good to go :) I'm really into healthy eating and all the nutrition stuff, so now I find msyelf eating for the sake of my body operating and perfroming at its best just as much as for enjoying my food. Hmmm, if this makes sense? :)

    Anyways, your post just got me so excited that I'd better stop typing until I completely spammed your comment section with my food ramblings!!

  7. Those protein bars are like little pieces of heaven! They look so, so good!

    I don't think I actually eat enough fat- I'm trying to eat more, but it's just "low fat" habits that are holding me back (enter salad dressings)- I'm getting better, but it's a conscious decision forsure when I grab more

  8. Thanks for the linkage hon! I had missed this one, glad you've made them and they look SO fudgey thick and wonderful! Nice work!

    And that nut butter...I rarely make nut butter in my Vita but gosh you've tempted me to bust a move :)