Thursday, 18 February 2010

Magazine Addiction

Hello lovely readers it seems you all like the look of my walk to work. I'm sorry to hear most of you have the busy city to contend with on your ways to work not much fun I guess?!

I started my day with a boiled egg, Doc says he wants me to have an egg with breakfast so my usual mid morning/afternoon snack is going to be making an appearance fist thing for a while.
Do you like my egg cup, cute souvenir from my seaside town don't ya think?

I prepared my lunch after my yummy egg then got to work on breakfast number 2!

Chocolate protein smoothie soup, um a slight addiction is becoming clear!

I topped my smoothie with pumpkin seeds and soya yogurt, I'd be lying if I said I didn't lick the bowl ; )

I made some more protein bars last night and put them in the freezer so I divided them up this morning, wrapped them and put back in the freezer for easy access snackage!
I had another walk through the park to work which was nice but wet, the rain came just as I was leaving. Always the way!

Work was pretty busy today, I took a protein bar to work to snack on and ate half mid morning then saved the rest for after my lunch.

Lunch was again rice cakes and vegan cream cheese, raw veggies and soup, the difference being I made a new batch of soup last night and BOY is it tasty. Spicy Butternut Squash and Cabbage = tasty! I settled down with another magazine at lunch. I think it is pretty clear I have a magazine addiction! I just love reading about new health/exercise ideas and new food products. This has gotta be a favorite mag though its so informative.

After work today I had a driving lesson which went ok a little crazy but my instructor is pleased with my progress so my must be doing ok!? I got home just after 5.30pm and popped into my dads to give him my shopping list. He does his weekly shop on a Thursday and gets me my weekly milk, he gets a discount so it works in my favor!

We chatted for a bit then I came home to feed my rumbling tummy. On the menu tonight was steamed salmon steak and steamed veggies in a sweet pepper sauce and a dollop of hummus for good measure

This didn't disappoint every bite was a delight, that rhymes ha ah aha

I was feeling the need for a cold pud so I whizzed up some strawberry protein ice cream, this included - 10 frozen strawberries, 1/2 c low lacto milk, tbsp soya yogurt, 1/2 scoop plain soya protein powder and tsp vanilla custard powder

I topped my ice cream with a pot of the strawberry puree I bought the other day which made it the perfect pudding : )

For some reason I'm knackered this evening so I'm going to catch up with some of your lovely blogs then hit the sack, night x


Do you buy any magazines? Any you can recommend?

I think I buy pretty much every health/fitness mag the UK sells!

Do you have any good lentil recipes maybe burgers?

I have some red lentils and am looking for some inspiration!

P.S Check out this giveaway I've wanted to try these for ages and this lovely lady has some to share!


  1. I also have a magazine addiction :)

  2. Hi Tam, I love your foodie pics and the bars...mmmm hmmmm good!

    Magazines. I rarely read them anymore, only yoga journal b/c it's inspiring to me, not competitive, the way that some of the "fitness mags" can make me feel kinda meh after reading them. Not fulfilled, rather kinda annoyed b/c they give inaccurate info, too much about x and not about y for my liking, etc. Sorry not much help on that one :)

  3. I'm with you on the magazine addiction, I should just give in and make the subscriptions as it would save me money in the long term but I still just buy them as they come out. I love Zest and health and fitness, Elle for fashion and Living etc as I also have a slight interior design fetish! xx

  4. Mmm so many amazing eats!!

    We don't have that many good fitness/health magazines over here but I like Shape.

    I would also like to know if someone knows a lentil burger recipe :)

  5. I was gifted Zest subscription for Xmas and am abit disappointed. Much prefer mens Health & Fitness. Nice blog BTW!

  6. Magazine addict here! Just about every health/fitness magazine too. Plus cooking magazines. It's an illness. My fave fitnesss mag is Oxygen!