Friday, 19 February 2010

I Passed My Theory Test!!!!!!!! : )

Well I have had a pretty fab day off! How about you? I'm glad I'm not the only one with a magazine addiction, you know who you are!

I started my day with a cooked to perfection boiled egg and.........

A bowl of quinoa porridge which included - 1/3 c quinoa, tsp maca + ground linseeds, low lacto milk, water, frozen raspberries all topped off with my last tsp of homemade chocolate almond butter and soya yogurt, yum!

This totally kept me full all morning. I had a driving lesson today which went pretty well, just need to get my confidence up

After my lesson I came home to refuel before my theory test, butternut and cabbage soup, rice cakes with soya spread and beets. I also put a dash of balsamic in my soup

I decided a protein bar was needed to keep my mind on the test ahead of me!
I'm so glad I started making these they're SO much better than shop bought bars, kinda
looks like a brownie!

I went to sit my driving theory test after lunch, I was pretty nervous but I got through the questions in a good time and before I new it I was done. You get your results straight away and guess what I PASSED!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy, know I need to get as much practice in as possible before my practical! I get my car (remember!) in a week or so which means lots of practicing.

My congrats letter!
I left my umbrella at one of regular shops the other day so I went to pick this up smiling all the way, I passed, I passed! I also got a couple of bits whilst I was there, walnuts, beets and tom puree. I pooped into see my dad and tell him my good news, then came home and made some roasted walnut butter and chocolate walnut butter. Both came out delicious.

I didn't find a lentil burger recipe so I made up a trial recipe of lentil and sweet potato curry.
It was a total winner, I surprised myself, this curry was fab!

A side of steamed broccoli and a dollop of hummus finished the dish off

Pud - chocolate protein mouse, raisins and chocolate walnut butter ; )

I'm so happy I passed, I'm a total worrier about pretty much everything and this is one thing I can now tick off the worry list. I really need to try to stop worrying about so much but its hard when you've always been like that, I am going to try though.......


Do you drive or are you learning? How did you do?

Now I've passed the theory next driving lesson we are discussing when to book the practical!!!!!

Whats your favorite homemade food that most people buy pre-made?

Mine has to be soup, I can't imagine buying soup, plus the amount of salt in shop bought soups is shocking!


  1. Veggie burgers! I love making my own - super simple and so tasty!

  2. Congratulations for passing the test! Over here you actually aren't allowed to drive around before you haven't passed the test. I have a license but hardly ever drive (because I live in the city).
    I also don't really like storebought soup! Most of them have cream and other (weird) ingredients in them. Blergh.
    Your curry looks SO good! Would you mind sharing the recipe?? :)

  3. Hi there! Thanks so much for your comment on my blog last month. I love the name of your blog--it just makes me happy :)
    Congrats on passing your theory test! From that and the egg cup, I am guessing you must be in Britain :) The driving tests are so much harder there than they are in the US! CONGRATS!