Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Hello! I had to be up early today as I had a driving lesson at 7.45am and wanted to get a pilates session in before. I did 40 minutes of pilates which felt great. I'm definitely going to try and get up in the mornings for yoga/pilates to stretch out my back.

I made another batch of protein spinach, choc porridge today this is such a good combo, loving it! I decided to have tahini on the top today which went down a treat : )

My driving lesson went pretty well, but work was a hellish today. There was only 2 of us in today so we were quite rushed with a good handful of grumpy customers, oh how I hate retail! I managed to scoff an egg around 12 which held me through till I got lunch around 2.30pm

I had a colourful + delicious lunch today, my salad included: quinoa, raw carrots + pepper, a tiny avocado, 5 olives, fresh coriander and drizzled with walnut oil and some seasoning.

I had a protein bar topped with natural yogurt. This tasted good but I got a bad tummy after, I think the dairy has taken its toll, so for now I'm going to stick with the low lacto milk and soya yogurt. I also had a tiny apple around 5.

When I got home I wrapped my sisters birthday present. Yep my older sister Jes has a birthday tomorrow. She returns form Ireland tomorrow afternoon and I'll be going round with dinner and a gift hope she likes it! I had a almond butter sarni as I was peckish when I got in from work and couldn't wait till dinner!

After present wrapping and card writing I got to work on dinner. Lentil and Butternut Squash soup with roasted parsnip and broccoli with a dollop of humous fabulous! After dinner I had to go to an appointment with the Osteopath. He cracked me back into shape and sent me on my way.

Home sweet home and a pudding pleaser. This is frozen strawberries, yogurt, dash of milk and carob powder whizzed up to make a yummy pud.

I feel the need to lay down and stretch out so bye for now x x


Are you looking forward to Valentines?

Usually for me its just another day but this year I actually do have a secret valentine thanks to Janetha, thanks for the fab idea lovely lady!

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