Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Happy Birthday Big Sis x x

Howdy! I started my day with my favorite chocolate soya protein smoothie/soup. I've got the gums perfect for this mix thick, creamy deliciousness and exactly what I needed after doing an hour of yogalates when I first got up.

I had a real rush to get ready before my driving lesson before work so was a little flustered which
didn't do me any goods on the drive. My lesson today was BAD I just wanted ot to be over after about 15 minutes in. I'm finding it really hard to get my confidence behind the wheel but I guess with practice it will come naturally?!

After getting over my hellish drive I had a busy morning at work but managed to get a quick snack in, homemade protein bar, yum. I only have one left so I need to make some more me thinks.

There was break in the stream of customers around 1ish so I grabbed lunch then, salad of brown basmati rice, 6 olives, raw carrots, mangetout and red pepper, fresh coriander and an egg. 1 tsp of walnut oil for a dressing, perfect lunch especially as I had one of my fav mags to flick through

Pud was this fella and some yogurt

Me my dad his and his girlfriend all went round to my sister Jes's to cook her a birthday meal.
I made a salad of rocket and baby chard, avocado, yellow and red baby plum tomatoes and beets which went very well with the sea bass my papa brought. We baked the sea bass with lemon grass and green pepper corns which turned out perfectly. It was a fabulous meal and enjoyed by all.

Pat, my dads girlfriend, made a banana cake for pud which was delish, not to sweet with a nice crunchy top, I enjoyed every bite and yes I had 2 slices!

My sister was going to the cinema for her birthday to see the new Sherlock Holmes movie which I soooooooo wanna see but the cinema in our town has the worst seating so my back would not be happy with me so I got a lift home with my paps. It suited me really, I needed to wash my hair before tomorrow giving me more time in the morning, I need to start practicing for my theory test which is in just under 3 weeks! Well I guess I better get to it see ya tomorrow! x x


Whats your favorite fish, and how do you like it cooked?

I love all fish but wild salmon is a sure favorite baked with ginger and lemon and garlic yum!

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  1. vitmin C great idea! i also love zinc (cold eeze) when i am sick!! My fav fish well that depends I LOVE salmon in teriyake style sauce with sesame seeds, but I also love shrimp (grilled!) and big juicy scalloops!!! mmm i love seafood so much!

    happy bday to your sis!