Saturday, 27 February 2010

Food Overload + Recap

Hey, happy Saturday! Again this is a quick post as I'm expecting a friend in about 15 minutes!
Wow loads of you wanna taste the MIGHTY MARMITE ay! I shall be picking a name out of a hat or bag tomorrow so if you want in you have another day!

I totally over did it yesterday but more on that later, I started my day with a boiled egg and a smoothie. Before breakfast I did 40 mintutes of cardio/strength DVD and 20 minutes of the 30 day shred good workout!

Lunch was fab, raw veggies and falafel with hummus, I can't believe some of you lovelies haven't tried falafels you gotta get on that girls!

Protein bar for pud yum!

I walked home after work, made a soup and have prepared dinner for my friend tonight.
Steph is an old friend I have known her since I was 13 and its been ages since we've hung out so can't wait! : )

Friday Day/Night Recap

When I got to work yesterday Leanne was on the chocolate so I indulged in one, yum

I had to show you this. The evidence of what Steve my work mate eats for his lunch on a regular basis! Can you actually BELIEVE one man has this for lunch!? Yeah me telling you he is over weight will come as no surprise! I just had to share my disbelief with you!

Me and Leanne had an indulgent dinner too, chips from the chippy! Its been about 3 months since I've eaten chip shop chips but they were worth it, especially when I made a chip butty.
Chip butty = chips, gf bread, mayo, tom sauce = happy days! Ha ha I hardly ever eat this way but when I do I go all out!

I also put balsamic vinegar on the chips sooooooo good!

As if that wasn't enough I must have eaten my own weight in chocolate last night, I just couldn't stop, it was a total food overload! But every now and again its gotta be done right?

My friend will be here any minute so I shall bid you farewell x x


Do you ever over eat like a crazy woman? What is your food of choice?

I do and its usually with chocolate!

Have you ever been to England and had real chip shop chips?

I love fries but nothing beats a bag of chips from the chippy once and a while : )


  1. I do as well- obviously it's been the story of my life lately! hahaha chocolate, ice cream, peanut butter- things that are fatty and sugary (preferably!)

    Looks good girl- we certainly all have to do it every now and again- easter is too far from christmas as it is! haha

  2. Its fun to have a nice treaty meal every once in a while! I usually go crazy on chips and salsa ;) Have a good weekend girl!

  3. the protein bar and the little chocolates, too cute! I dont overeat, I over drink, on coffee that is. I love it so much but I do get jittery sometimes LOL

  4. Dont everyone sometimes overeat? not daily like that though! Gosh, that man is an EATER! For some reason, I kind of admire that. lol!

  5. I usually over do it with chocolate too. It's the one food that I can't control myself around. But that's no problem since I eat healthy balanced meals for 90% of the time.

  6. I am eating like a mad women this morning! I can't stop. It goes between salty and sugary for me!!

    I'm always surprised by people who eat packaged food like that... how do they understand it's just not healthy! Maybe you'll become an inspiration to him!!