Thursday, 11 February 2010

Finally Some Sparkle!

Hey everybody guess who got snowed in today!? Yep me, I got up early to go for my walk and well it didn't happen. The snow was real deep so I thought better of it and had a big ol bowl of protein porridge topped with soya yogurt and a little homemade mixed nut butter : )

No buses meant the day off work! My back is still bad and the ice is to risky to walk on.

It did give me the chance to take those photos of the costume jewelery I inherited.........

One of my favorite pieces has to be the ballroom dancing brooch.

After taking pics and doing some practice theory tests I had a homemade protein bar, forgot to add pic oops!

My protein bar held me over till around 2 when it was time for lunch, I made lunch this morning before I new I was going to be off work so I had a ready prepared salad, bonus! I had my rice salad again with raw veggies and a walnut oil and balsamic dressing

The snow kept coming.........

I cut up an apple and ate it with the last of my soya yogurt with a little tahini and cinnamon.
So the less fat thing didn't go so well huh?! I'm glad to here most of you are like me and are good fat fiends!

I spent the afternoon with my papa and his girlfriend pat drinking T and chatting. Can you see how well my nails are growing?! Its since adding the low lacto milk to my diet : )

I had an osteopath appointment at 6 and my papa thankfully accompanied me. The pavements were like sheer ice very very dangerous but I had a strong arm to cling to, thanks dad

I got home from my back attack and needed something to warm my tummy. A bowl of soup was definitely needed as well as...........

.........lamb mince, peas, onion, garlic and a few slices of broccoli stalk in a tomato and basil sauce, this was very pleasing to the taste buds, plus I have been told to eat more red meat and this was a great way of getting it into my daily diet

Yummy, yummy protein pudding in my tummy! Yep I had another dose of avocado, chocolate mint ice cream, topped with raisins. Man this was good I have a feeling this could be the way i start my day tomorrow!

My back is feeling quite sore after being cracked back into place and I'm kinda tired, even though I've not done much today! Hopefully it should be ok to walk to work tomorrow so I can get some steps in! But for now nighty night x


Do you eat red meat, any favorite recipes you would like to share?

I love Shepard's pie but rarely make it!

Do you like costume jewelery?

I am a self confessed magpie, if it sparkles I need it!


  1. I love your costume jewelry. My favorites are you bracelets that are pictured on the right. Beautiful!

    I eat red meat, but only rarely. I actually don't like it too much. I'd never heard of
    Shepard's pie until I saw it on What Not to Eat, my new favorite tv show!

  2. the costume jewelery is gorgeous!!!! I want it! My grandma died about 5 yrs ago and my mother either sold off or kept all of my grandma's 1920s pieces and I am sad that I didnt get my hands on any b/c I love it. So timeless and chic :)

    Red meat can't help you there. But your nails look awesome and the peas. They just jump out at me. So green and yummy!

  3. Your costume jewelry is gorg!
    I love me some red meat. I like using it with a ton of veggies to make a hearty pasta dish, or in stir fries, or in chili, or atop a big salad. So many wonderful uses for red meat! Lamb is really good in a pita with cucumber, yogurt, spinach, hummus, feta, and avocado! Good luck!

  4. I've been trying to find more ways to incorporate red meat into my diet without breaking the calorie bank.

    It's hard though especially when you can eat more chicken for less calories.

  5. I LOVE vintage jewellery! Yours is so pretty & I adore your glasses.

  6. Hey! This is Jess from A Fete for Food. Thanks for the comment on yesterday's Super Breakfast Bowl Challenge quinoa post. I see you're a fan of nut butters. I hope you'll take advantage and share a recipe with us at thesuperbreakfastbowlchallenge@gmail using walnuts because I'm giving away two jars of walnut butter to the winner! I haven't even tried it before, but Futter Nut Butters has been gracious enough to give it to a lucky winner. Thanks for stopping!

  7. Have you been to I feel that you may love it.

    I'm a steak eater about once a month- not really my thing, but- it's good when it's made for me!

    Are you a whey protein girl? or veggie? I need a good veggie protein- also- what goes into the protein pudding? looks heavenly!