Monday, 15 February 2010

A Fab Evening with a Fab Friend

Hey everybody!!!! Look how good the start of my day was! Oh how I love coming to the end of a seed/nut jar it just makes the day start with a beaming smile!

This is gonna be a quick post as I'm just back form a friends and its getting late.
A girl needs her beauty sleep right?!

In the mix - 1/3 c quinoa flakes, 2 tbsp soya bran, 1/2 c low lacto milk + 1/2 c water, 1 small banana, raisins, maca + tsp ground linseed's with the last of my tahini, yum!

Another bonus of breakfast in a jar is it keeps the mix so warm. After breakfast I took a nice walk through the park to work and had hmmmmmm a boring morning!

I was glad when lunch came round, it was a healthy all rounder.
Veg soup, rice cakes and vegan cream cheese and a bag of veg sticks.

I followed my lunch with a protein bar.

After work I met my friend Wayne and we went to get dinner ingredients and a movie.......

One of my fav things that went into dinner was these organic lentil sprouts, so good!

For dinner we had thai coconut curry with beef strips

Wayne is a marvelous cook this was ab fab!

I cleared my plate of every scrap!

He also made a heart shape meringue!!!!!!!!

Topped with fresh strawberries perfect!

I had a great evening good food, good company.

I'm sleepy so am off to find another place to run around in dream land, night x

Whats your favorite curry?

I think mine is sweet potato but tonight's was definitely a winner

How do you like your meringue?

Above is just the way I like it

P.S Can't wait for pancakes in the morning! x x


  1. I love my meringue with fruit salad and lemon yogurt (plain yogurt with lemon juice and agave to sweeten- so good!)

  2. I find your love for tahini in oats to be quite....intruiging.

    Love the heart-shaped meringue!

  3. Curry is amazing! I love Thai and Indian curry but can't say which one's my favourite. Yours looks fantastic! I've never had tahini in anything other than hummus. Need give it a try in oats.