Sunday, 21 February 2010

Exercise Video Ahoy + Pink Porridge

Well hello there, another weekend down can you believe it!? Its nearly the end of February which just seems crazy these last 2 months have been trying times for me, not being able to exercise has been real hard for me especially as its like my favorite thing to do! I know that may sound weird or crazy to some but I am well aware there are many that agree with my madness. I have faith in my body and that it will be back to its normal fit self in the next couple of weeks. Especially because of the way my day started, I can feel the winds of change ahead of me.......

So I started my day with the intention of going out for a walk around the park, I didn't start work till ten today so decided to walk then come home and get ready for work. I got up early made my lunch and boiled an egg to give me some warm food energy for my walk.
I opened the front door and the heavens opened hmmmmmmm walking didn't seem to appealing so I decided I'd meet up with an old friend........

I love this DVD and thought I'd just do as much as I could before my back felt any strain. I did the whole cardio session which was a total surprise, my back feels fine, not perfect but not bad either. I have smiled all day after doing this, its given me the faith that things are on the up!

After my 40 minute cardio session : ) I got ready for work then had breakfast number 2

Pink Porridge!!!!!!!

1/3 c. quinoa flakes
1/3 c. low lacto milk + water
tsp maca + tsp ground hemp seeds
1/2 c. frozen raspberries
soya yogurt
homemade walnut butter

I cooked my porridge in a pan, put in the bowl then stirred in the yogurt and topped with the walnut butter, this was a pretty pink porridge that tasted fab!

After breakfast I was picked up for work as the weather was horrid pouring rain, lucky I did that DVD as my walk to and from work didn't happen today : (

A coffee was needed today, I had a black vanilla coffee and added my own milk at work.
We were pretty busy today which made the day go quick which is always good!

I popped out on my lunch break and bought some lavender and chamomile essential oils to rub into my back, they help release the muscle tension plus smell delightful which is a bonus

Lunch was a yummy bowl of steamed/raw veggies in a tom and chili sauce and rice cakes with vegan cream cheese

I also had one of my favorite bars I'd forgotten about at home so took this to work for pud

Mixed seeds topped with carob, so good but way sweeter than my own.
We had a busy afternoon at work too and before I new it 4pm had come round it was time to go home yay!

I felt the need for a snack when I got home so I grabbed a crunchy apple and.......

Rice cake with homemade roasted tahini butter n a thin spread of jam. Me and Maggie watched a movie then it was time to make dinner!

I also picked up some organic chicken legs today which meant roast chicken for dinner.
I hardly ever eat chicken because I will only eat organic but its so expensive I can't bare to spend so much on a couple of chicken breast! I found 4 large legs for £5 today so snapped up my bargain, 3 went in the freezer for future dinners.

I roasted my chicken with garlic under the skin and had the last of my curry on the side, I added a few more peas to the mix

I made the best pud tonight, mint choc protein mouse topped with 1/2 homemade protein bar

I savored every bite!

I have tomorrow off, lucky old me ay?! I am going to start my day with a DVD maybe, then definitely a walk no matter what the weather. I need to pop into town to pick some stuff up from work which is a good walk. I also have an appointment with Chinese doc and the osteopath, so a busy day all round really. Its now time to say goodbye to this one x x


Do you have any good gluten free waffle recipes?

I just invested in a waffle maker and would love some good advice, the taster the better!

Whats your favorite snack bar?

Mine has to be 9bars they are so delish! That's after my own of course!

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  1. That must be such a great feeling getting to workout again! I would DIE without my fitness- well, not die, but be pretty close!

    That bar looked delish- carob always throws me for a loop- it always looks so good, but in comparison to the real thing, it's not-

    I always get waffle mix when I go gluten free- it's easier- both for cookie, ingredients and life in general- not much help if you're looking for a new recipe- Have a great start to your monday when you get there! xx

  2. New packaging for the 9 bars!? I really like those too, although it's been forever since I've had one for some reason (probs because I have a giant bar stash to get through, not too far to go though!) My fave snack bars are probably Eat Naturals, although the American ones are so much better than all of ours, Laras, Lunas, Clifs etc. Your pink porridge is so pretty and sounds v.yummy too.
    Glad you enjoyed the exercise, I've never done an exercise dvd, sounds fun though.

  3. what a great video!!
    YUMMY bar-i must find that! looks unique tho! i adore your pudding creations!

  4. I can imagine that you're eager to workout again. I would definitely feel the same!

    Rice crackers need to be bought today. Your posts always remind me that I keep forgetting to buy them! ;)

    To be honest, I love my homemade bars the most. Probably something about all the love that goes in there ;).

  5. Hi Hottie!

    the lavender and chamomile essential oils sound wonderful!

    the protein bars, you're rawkin them out and i love that!

    my vegan gf pancake recipe will do double duty for waffles too

    or my friend alisa's is great too