Monday, 8 February 2010

Does Good Luck Come in 3's?!

Hey everybody, I hope you've all had a good Monday? Mine has been amazing! Wow its been along time since I've said that now hasn't it!? I'm left wondering if good luck is like big black spiders? You now the saying that big black spiders always come in 3's well I'm REALLY REALLY hoping the same goes for good luck because I got 2 out of 3 today so bring on the 3rd! I'll get to my my fab news in a bit lets get on with the yummys first........

I started my day with a big bowl of millet porridge. This bad boy was uber filling. I've had smoothies for breakfast the past few mornings so this hit my tummy ten fold!
I used 1/2 cup millet fakes, 1/2 cup low lacto milk, 3/4 cup water, 4 dates, 1 banana, 1 tsp ground linseeds and maca topped with almond butter belly busting deliciousness!

After breakfast I braved the weather to get my steps in. It wasn't to bad when I left after about 20 minutes of walking the sleet and snow started to pour but I soldiered on and enjoyed my walk round the park........

The bad weather made the park pretty quiet

Just me and the birds and........

The cutest squirrel! I love squirrels especially this little fella!

I wanted to take this one home : )

Ah my favorite hill, well it used to be one of my favorites to run up. At the end of my runs that took me through the park I would blast this hill, today alas it was power walked but still made me feel the burn so not all bad!

I walked for an hour and a while after I had a homemade protein bar topped with soya yogurt.
They've gone pretty dry to be honest so need something to moisten them up. So my first bit of good luck/good news came around now. After my walk I was just chilling in the front room getting on with my 6th assignment when Maggie came in and asked if I wanted to buy her vita mix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my god I was so gonna buy one when I had a little more spare cash but really couldn't afford the £475.00 so had decided to wait till this fitness show we are going to in March where they would be cheaper. Maggie only bought hers a couple of weeks ago remember at the diet and fitness show? She says I only have to pay £300!!!!!!!! I so can't believe it, she also said as I have said I want it I can now think of it as mine! I OWN A VITA MIX I could cry with joy!
ha ha ha ha

Lunch yummy yummy lunch. I had my other sesame and tofu burger sliced in half and fried in a smidgen of olive oil with spinach, beets, boiled egg and hummus twas a grand lunch.

After lunch I had to go and see my Chinese doctor to pick up some herbs to make tea. He has suggested I drink this tea to get me back to health. Put it this way its not just my back that's not working properly : ( fingers crossed his magic tea will do what it needs to do

I got home and practiced some of my theory test cd my test is booked for the 19th! I also had another protein bar with almond butter, it was the last one and you know it was going stale, well that's my excuse anyway! Later I popped round to see my dad, to suggest we looked at some more cars. Here comes good luck/good news number 2! My dad has been given a small red automatic car!!!!!! Its under sad circumstances, unfortunately an old friend has passed away and had left the car to my dad, he was very old though and very sick so he's in the best place now. My papa has a car so said I can have it. I just can't believe it I am getting a car for free,
thank you Mr G x x

I was pretty hungry after chatting away to my dad so left there and came home to make a splendid dinner. I heated up the last of my soup and also made some beef with red peppers, onion, spinach all in a sweet pepper sauce this was real tasty. I also had a side of rice cakes for dipping

I enjoyed this lots, for pud I had an apple with some strawberry iced yogurt handmade by moi.
No picture sorry!

I have to now cook my herbs to drink and get the bottles ready for storing it in the fridge.


What are your views on alternative medicine?

I don't like to take pills from the doc unless there is absolutely no other option

Have you ever been treated by an alternative doctor with success?

I have and I believe they are far better than doctors that just wanna dish out drugs!


  1. sweet pepper sauce looks delish
    as does the protein bar
    and the unpictured strawberry iced yogurt handmade by moi.

    But seriously, this post is way overshawdowed by getting a Vita AND a the same post. OMG CONGRATS TAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    In the early days of your Vita, you will be a little scared, overwhelmed, and confused by it. Within a month it will have changed your life :) It did for me.
    I am totally into the whole natural, holistic health, etc it has always worked, helped the whole bit.

  2. love your eats girl! and beautiful nature pics-makes me wana go on a walk!
    i LOVE acupunture-it works wonders!