Sunday, 28 February 2010

And The Winner Is!!!!!!

First things first ay!?
Today I had to pick the winner for my MIGHTY MARMITE giveaway!

To make it fair I put each name on a piece of paper and put them in the tin.........

Eyes closed I picked the winner who is...........

LILY!!!!!!! So this lovely lady gets to try the mighty marmite!
Please send me your address (
and your package will be in the post!


On to the days eats, I have decided to not post my breakfast picture as it just looked like a bowl of yogurt not very pretty, I had ground rice with carob n yogurt twas lovely!
I woke up today with my back feeling very VERY sore I think I over did it yesterday but I'm not dwelling on it as it will just get me down, I have an appointment with the osteopath tomorrow so he can work the pain out, its just getting boring now ya know : (

Lunch was delish, I made a fab new soup. Spicy Aubergine and Swede! It sounds weird but
its super tasty! I heated it up in the vita mix because it makes the soup go really creamy and smooth.

I also had a falafel, spinach and hummus sarni. Wow this was a party in my mouth!

A while later I had a slice of homemade banana bread, my papa gave me this when I popped round to see him earlier

My dads girlfriend makes a mean banana bread : )

I've been a total couch potato today, other than going to see my dad I spent the day watching
Sex and the City and Come Dine With Me! God I love both of these, I could spend days watching both!

I felt ill for some reason this afternoon but by 7ish I was feeling hungry. I cooked some soya mince in a garlic and tom sauce with soya beans and steamed veggies plus a dollop of hummus. Its official I'm addicted!

I definitely wasn't feeling ill after dinner so made some protein ice cream

Topped with a nut bar, this was YUMMY!


Rewind to last night............

I made my friend Steph a salmon fillet in a tomato and artichoke sauce with veggies stir fried in olive oil and balsamic vinegar. This went down well.

We watched some movies and look what she bought round too, more chocolate!

As well as some other goodies!

Its fair to say I have had a total blow out this weekend, I've been totally out of control.
Luckily I have a plan for March so check my post out tomorrow for my
March Makeover!

I'm putting this weekend behind me and moving on best way me thinks!

Questions: Whats your favorite candy?

I love carob and nut bars best but when forced I eat the above!

Whats your favorite thing to make in your vita mix/processor?

Mine has to be soup and smoothies, oooooo and nut butters!


  1. you are so adorable! i need smoothie lessons from YOU GIRL!! fav candy? REESES ALL THE WAY! yum!

  2. My favorite candy changes depending on what is around me. Sometimes it's twix, sometimes it's crunch, and sometimes it's snickers lol. What exactly are revels? Just chocolate bits?

  3. That soup and sandwich looks so good! Oh and the dinner and pudding too. Basically everything to be precise. ;)
    I'm not much of a candy person but I love a simple piece of chocolate.
    Sigh, I wish I had a Vita Mix!! But I only have a silly blender. It does the job though and makes very nice smoothies. :)

  4. Marmite, I can't wait to try you out!

    My favorite thing I've made with my food processor has got to be pesto. I just got one for Christmas, so I haven't had a lot of time to experiment.