Sunday, 7 February 2010

13,394 Steps and Counting

Hello peeps, good weekend? Mine has been so so, but I had to work both days so that's never good! I started my day with smoothie round 3, difference being chia seeds made an appearance today. A very satisfying bowl of smoothie soup if ever there was one! This filled my tummy and fueled me for my morning walk. I went for an hours walk round the park before work, it was great and just what I needed to clear my head and get things into perspective. I am making it my mission to do at least 10,000 steps or more especially as walking is the only exercise I am allowed to do right now! Today I did 13,394 not a bad start ay?

After my morning walk I just had time to shower, then it was off to work. I had a coffee today it was definitely needed! I also got some vanilla soya milk as an extra treat, delish!

My boiled egg snack is becoming permanent fixture in my day, and I'm loving it! So filling and an egg really does keep you going.

There was only 2 of us at work today so I had lunch when I could grab a minute. Boy was I glad when I could dig into this salad it was so tasty! This bowl of deliciousness included quinoa, carrots, red pepper, spinach and olives with a dressing of walnut oil and balsamic vinegar : )

After work I pooped round to my sisters to see the lovely lady and to go through a box of vintage jewelery left to my dad by his aunt Eve, which he then gave to us lucky girls. I have the most fantastic share and will post photos tomorrow when the day can do them justice.

After an hour of drooling over sparkly things I made my way home in the rain. Yes it was raining and I still walked, had to get my steps in! I was famished so grabbed a couple of rice cakes with almond butter while I waited for my dinner to cook...............

Dinner was fab, a bowl of sweet pot soup with roasted broccoli, parsnip and beets as well as 2 dollops of hummus scrum scrum scrummy!

I had a bowl of carob, date and coconut ground rice topped with soya yogurt. The perfect end to my day. I'm now settled with a cup of fresh ginger and hot water watching The Devil Wears Prada.
Love this film so I'm gonna sit back an enjoy.
See ya tomorrow x x


Whats your favorite snack?

Mine is fast becoming a boiled egg.


  1. ooo i <3 boiled eggs!
    fav snack? hmm prob greek yogurt messes!

  2. I used to eat hard boiled eggs ALL the dang time. I would bring them to school and my classmates would hate me because they smelled so bad :) You just reminded me to go hard boil some actually! I've been meaning to for days.

    Quinoa dish looks great!

  3. Hey there! Thanks for your comment on my blog! So excited to find yours! You made me want to walk to work now so I better get going now ;).

  4. i just had my boiled egg snack:)

  5. Hard boiled eggs are so yummy! My favorite snack is either apple or carrot with nut butter. That dinner looks just awesome! The soup with the roasted veggies=awesome! Nice job on the steps and walking- I think that sounds like a fabulous goal. Have a good week chicky