Sunday, 31 January 2010

Weight Room Fear

Ello Ello how's it going? I can't believe its the 1st of February tomorrow, where did January go?!
I've had a fab Sunday off. I was supposed to go out for a friends birthday last night but with my back not 100% I didn't wanna risk and drunken injuries so I stayed in. This did mean an early visit to gym for me, yay!

I woke up with enough time to hoover a smoothie up. Chocolate soya protein and banana smoothie with the gums to make it thick and creamy yum! Then it was off to the gym and I had a great workout.

10 mins - cross trainer - set on random - Level 10
40 mins - weights - lunges - crunches
30 mins - treadmill - intervals - power walking 6.5mph - jogging 7.5/8mph
15 mins - stepper - Level 7 to 10 - intervals

I always get weight room fear when going to the gym, all the big muscle men huffing and puffing but to day I faced the weight room fear and I felt great after, back has been a little sore today but I think that's because I came home and sat about for the rest of the day well kinda...........

I popped into Lidl on the way home to get some much needed veg, so by the time I got home I was hungry. I satisfied my grumbling tum with some cornflakes with vanilla rice milk and raisins. I love this combo!

I then got to work on making some almond butter. Oh how I love the vita mix, I have to buy one for myself before moving form Maggies I can never live without one now I have had this fab appliance in my life! My almond butter came out perfectly, I roasted a tray of almonds sprinkled with a little salt, then once they were brown left them to cool a while. Put the whole lot in the vita mix + 2 tbsp of walnut oil and whizzed. Man this is good almond butter I will enjoy every drop!

I had a steaming hot bubble bath and read my book for a while and by the time I was dressed it was lunch time so I used up the bean burger leftovers form the other night but this time added an egg and a generous helping of curry powder. I also had some broccoli on the side as well as....

Humous! Yep I'm getting back on the pulse trail and I'm loving it, this was a really tasty lunch.

I cut up a homemade protein bar, dates, pumpkin seeds and topped with yogurt for pud

Later I couldn't resist trying some of my almond butter on the last of my gluten free bread.
This didn't disappoint, unbelievably good!

Then a little later I again had a little snack, its the being at home curse. Whenever I'm at home I just kinda eat all day, some of you have mentioned you do the same its weird cause when I'm at work I never eat this much!

More food! Dinner time, I had a big bowl of Lentil and Butternut Squash soup with beets and parsnip chips on the side, yum.

The parsnip chips turned out perfectly

Yes I still had room for pudding! I kept it light by whizzing up some frozen raspberries, natural yogurt and a little milk

So good! This has got to be a new favorite for sure

Look what I got..............

I was recently tagged by the lovely Kristen over at eatingRD for this blog award! Thank you
lovely lady! Once tagged if you wish to except the deal is to list 7 things about yourself most people may or may not know so here goes:

1. I used to work in my local YMCA roller skating with kids. I would roller skate at least 2-3 hours a day and loved it. I have a pair of roller skates that have flashing wheels and diamonds on them! I love them and need to start skating again, I miss skating so much but definitely don't miss the kids!

2. My natural hair colour is mousy brown. I have been dying my hair since I was 11. I now wish I could get my natural colour so am only using semi permanent dyes, maybe one day!

3. I have been single for 8 yrs! Ok there was a 3 month blip over 2 yrs ago but it doesn't really count. I am hoping my prince is out there and just taking a REALLY long time cutting through the brambles.

4. I lived in Barcelona for 1 + 1/2 yrs. It was the scariest thing I have ever done and the most exciting. I loved it and had the best time, but I got a little too friendly with the booze and missed my sister so came home.

5. My dream job is to be a personal trainer. I love to exercise, all my friends think I'm crazy! It would be a dream come true to work with people that just need that extra push to get fit and then discover how much fun it is to work out! I see my dream coming true...............

6. I am obsessed with decorating my hair. I love putting it up and using flowers, birds, diamonds and all number of glittery things to pimp my hair do. People always ask me if someone has done my hair or ask how long it takes, they are always shocked when I reply I put it up myself and it took about 5 minutes!

7. The one place I long to go is America! I have wanted to go for like ever, my dream is to go to San Francisco and New York. I would like to travel all over but these 2 first. Or maybe meet an American prince that wants to marry me and take me to his American abode, so all you lovely bloggers state side any hot brothers send them my way! hehehehehe

Well I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about me I have decide to tag some old favorites and some new lovelies have just discovered and would like to learn more about:

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What are you looking forward to this week?

I'm actually looking forward to my driving lessons and some more exercise : )

Whats your favorite way to eat pulses?

Mine is definitely humous and soup


  1. Oh my gosh, I want to make my own almond butter! Yum! :)

    Wow, you must have loved Barcelona. I've been twice and just LOVE that city. So much good and fresh food -- my best memories are sitting at cafes on the waterfront, eating tapas and endless pitchers of sangria.

  2. Hi, I am so glad I have found your blog (via Lobster and Swan) I am on a health kick and really need some ideas for recipes. I am trying to get away from dairy a lot more, I am a veggie but not a massively healthy one. Can't wait to read more! :)