Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Things are looking up : )

I woke this morning to a white scene and was glad my bad back was keeping me inside in the warm! This was early this morning so the snow had not really settled to much but its been much heavier during the day and is even whiter and colder outside now. I have to say I'm kinda going a little crazy being cooped up inside but my back is feeling so much better I can bend nearly without any pain : ) I have an appointment with the osteopath tomorrow at 10.30am so hopefully I'll be back to normal soon, I shall ask him if there is any exercise I can do, I may sound crazy but I need to burn some energy!!!!!!!

To warm me cockles this morning I had carob protein GF breaky, delish it was delish! As alays topped with my fav soya yogurt!

I spent the morning reading blogs and sorting a few future plans together, shhhhhh!
I am usually not hungry for snacks mid morning but today I felt peckish, even though I've just been sitting around why is that?! So I fed the rumble with some rice cakes and tahini.

I read some more and watched some day time TV then it was lunch time yay! I had the same as yesterday my homemade soup and vegan cheese with a couple of rice cakes. This soup really is a good one so so flavorsome!

This another de ja vu from yesterday the last of my lychees with soy yog, cinnamon and a
little change cacao nibs for some crunch, la la lovely! Don't you just love my spoon!?

After lunch I popped round to see my dad (next door neighbor!) we had some coffee and
a good chat. I needed help with some things I just couldn't get my head round and as always papa sorted it for me and I see it all clearly now. After hanging with paps for a good hour I came home and was a little peckish, yep I was so I settled on an orange then..........

Ooooooooooo yeah baby I also had a green monster this was a perfect tummy filler to get me through til din dins. Maggie got back from work early because of the snow so we watched the Mask of Zorro classic!

I put some veg into roast while we watched the film then once they were cooked had an omelet with the rest of my anchovy stuffed olives, that's has got to be a fav combo. And then as always
I had a pudding today was heated apple a little quinoa and topped with yog n almonds, the end!

I would like to say sorry to you all if you come to my blog and think "yogurt AGAIN!" I know
I have an obsession with this soya yogurt but it really is soooooooooo good! If you live in the uk
I highly recommend it and am sure an addiction will start!

Ah I see some exercise in my future, if nothing else I gotta walk to town to get my soya yogurt order, I'll walk through a blizzard if needs be I gotta have my yogurt!

I feel the need to kick back with some TV before going to nest night all.


If you are just sitting about the house do you find yourself eating more? I do!! x


  1. So glad your back is feeling somewhat better & hopefully the doc can help :) oooh pretty snow! Yes, I do like your spoon! I sure wish I could try that yogurt here. I always find myself a bit more peckish at home (love your word!) for some reason, probably because the kitchen is so accessible :) best wishes with your appt.

  2. okay so im glad i am not alone.. i def eat more when im alone by myself!! haha im so snacky!! good to know we are on the same page :) im so glad things are looking up! your eats look great!! what does tahini taste like? PB?

  3. Your breakfast looks like a sundae!

  4. Yes I eat a lot more if I just hang around at home, if I'm in a restless mood. And I love tahini! THat carob pudding looks interesting, I've used carob powder and had carob bars but never in that form! How do you buy it, is it canned or?

  5. I think it dends what I am doing aruond my house to tell if I eat! if I am just sitting watching tv, yes I love to nibble, but If I am staying busy like cleaning then I rarely find myself craving food! the trick is to stay busy! love those ricecakes!!

  6. Your definitely right Naomi staying busy is the key! x