Thursday, 7 January 2010


Oh I wish I could start this post with words of positivity but the pain is stopping me! I had an awful nights sleep last night the pain in my back went down into my right leg so kept me up.
I got up wanting to go to work and thinking of pancakes, so I showered and went down stairs.
I made up a mix for my pancakes which as you can probably guess kinda flopped! Yep the mix I made totally didn't work but instead of wasting the mix I heated it up and to my shock saved the mess into a delightful breakfast. I put an egg in the mix which made my GF porridge take a velvety consistency.

In my mess was - 1 egg, 1/4 cup quinoa, 1 banana, 3 dates, tbsp carob powder, small scoop rice protein powder and little GF baking powder - I put all this in my smoothie maker and whizzed it up tried to pancake it doh! A no go so then heated the left over mixture and topped with dessicated coconut (non sweetened!) and a tsp of tahini damn this was good!
After my tasty breakfast I got ready for the icy walk to work, so not a good idea! I slipped 3 times on the way which yes you guessed it killed my back and once I arrived all I could do was lay on the office floor. After a soya latte I was sent home to rest and here I am pyjamas on in bed! My work mate Steve ran out before I left and bought me these back heat straps. They are the BEST! You unravel this strap and put it round you and the heat unleashes so good! Thank you Steve.
The only good thing about going to town today and making my back hurt was I managed to pick up my YOGURT! Ha ha yep so I guess it was worth it?!
My osteopath canceled yesterday because of the snow but I am seeing someone else tomorrow at a friends recommendation so fingers crossed he can fix me!

On a more positive note.................

I was tagged by the lovely Maggie so I guess its my turn to let you know the top
10 things that make me happy. Its kinda hard cause once you start thinking you realize there's quite a few! Here goes:

1. My family and close friends - they make me smile everyday, if I'm down and need someone to talk to they're there. They make me laugh and they're always there if I need to cry
I feel blessed with the ones I got given everyday the make me happy and I am thankful.
2. Exercise - yep I think I am at my happiest when I'm working out I love it and I am so sad when I can't! To some exercise is a chore, to me it is a delight, any kind any time.
3.Food - it is true food brings me lots of joy! I love good food. I have a gluten and dairy intolerance so sometimes food can be a mission but over the years I have over come the difficulties and learnt how to make foods just as enjoyable without gluten or dairy.
4. Sun on my skin - I love it when the sun is shining (not to hot!) and there is a slight breeze on the skin. Everybody smiles when the sun shines, that makes me happy!
5. Tattoos - My tattoos all mean something and when I look at them they remind me of why they are there which makes me happy.
6. Shopping - Oh yes shopping, when you find something you really want and then its yours forever, I'll be the first to admit I'm a shopaholic but its my money that I worked for so why not?
7. Dreams - I love it when sleep time comes around and you can't get lost in another world especially if your having a bad day its the one place you can go where no one can find you.
8. My dream job - ok so I'll let you into a little secret my dream job is to be a personal trainer and it makes me happy knowing that one day I know this dream is going to come true!
9. Leggings - I love love love leggings! They look good with pretty much any outfit plus they're elasticated so if you've eaten to much they still fit!
10. Bloggers! - Oh yeah I love you guys. I love your kind words, I love reading about your lives and I love all the food/exercise inspiration and ideas you have given me so thank you x

Ok so that's mine hope you enjoyed getting to know a little bit more about me now here are the wonderful ladies I would like to award Katherine,,Kirstin Betty, Janetha, Jes, Susan and Allie

Well lets hope its all gonna get better from here on out?!
I'm chillaxing with sex and the city, resting my back and reading your fab blogs so not all bad x


  1. awww love i am so sorry you are in so much pain! i hate that for you! lots of prayers you way!

    thanks SO much for tagging me!!! you MAKE ME SMILE. i love tattoos too! i have one..muahahah!!!

    on my list of things to do this weekend-type the guest post! im excited :)

  2. ugg bummer about slipping! I hope you are feeling better! If you are still craving fudge this looks like a great vegan recipe!

  3. awe you are a gem! thanks for the tag! and thanks for giving me the heads up as i have not been able to read blogs this week :P i have some similarities and differences with your happy thangs.. i LOVE leggings (worn them every day this week, no lie) and i hate tattoos! have a great weekend, sweetie!!

  4. I'm so sorry to hear that your back is causing you such pain. I hope you get better soon and enjoy your resting time.

  5. Yay! Can't wait to do this, thank you SO much!! :D You know I'm aaalllll ov-ah number 8 ;) Even though I've got a stellar new job I still go to the gym everyday envying the trainers around me.

    Hope your back is feeling better my dear!! Heat pads are definitely a saving grace...

  6. Thanks for the tag!! I totally missed it yesterday when reading, eek!! hehe...

    Have a great Saturday!


  7. Thanks for the award!!! (sorry I'm late accepting it. I had the shottiest internet connection this past week on vacay ack!).

    I worked right by a Costa when I was in London last year. You're making me miss it even more!

    So jealous you are going to have your dream job. I wish I knew what I wanted to do!