Saturday, 16 January 2010

Swimming is the way forward......

If I could put into words the pain that comes from having my back kneaded the word would be


Yep I had my appointment today and as much as I know it needs to be done the pain of being
massaged back to health nearly brings tears to my eyes! Thankfully its not sciatica its the lower
discs of spine out of alignment which pushes on the nerves and causes the pain. Yet again he said I need to rest it but he did advise swimming! Yes my friends light exercise and SWIMMING!
I was only saying the other day to Maggie I wanted to get back into it and now I have been told to
happy days! Roll on Monday morning, one thing I am not looking forward to is getting in to my swimming costume eek! Not a good look but it will never get better if I don't face it and take the plunge, literally! he he he he

It was lucky I had that filling breakfast because as I suspected no lunch til late and I was
starving by the time it was my turn to go. I satisfied my hunger with a delish lunch of
quinoa, 1/2 salmon steak, 1/2 yellow pepper, soya beans all mixed up in a tomato and basil sauce.

New snack alert!!!!!! I picked up these 100% natural fruit bars on lunch.

Ummmmmm I love figs. It was pretty small but just to satisfy my sweet tooth plus lunch was very filling. I got to about 5pm and spent the rest of the day on the office floor resting my back!
Having to work standing up all day after having by back attacked was not much fun and I was so glad to finish today.

I was ready for a dinner de ja vu tonight. My lunch yesterday was just so good I had to re-live the flavor fest! I had the last of my soup and my rice wraps on the side the only difference being I added some carrots to the wraps. Oh boy these were so good again!

I'm now chillaxing in my warm bed, I had some fruit and yog for pud but it didn't look to pretty
so I decided not to photo it. I'll let you into a secret I'm going to be watching Big Brother when its on at 9pm, yes is crap TV, yes I am aware of this, do I care? Nope I hold my head up high and say:

My name is Tamzin and yes sometimes I watch bad TV!


Any secret BAD TV you watch and don't mind admitting to?

You know mine Big Brother oh yeah and Hollyoaks, don't hate me!
Happy Saturday x


  1. Tamzin, big brother! You're a disgrace, haha! My guilty pleasure is desperate housewives. Had a nana's choc-chip and thought of you today.
    Might go for a gentle swim tomorrow, nice and relaxing :)

  2. I love BAD TV - The Hills, One Tree Hill.. Real world... the smuttyier the better!!

    My bad is hurt right now too.. I've been using peppermint oil and lavender with olive oil. mixing it together and massaging it into my back... it's the only thing that's been REALLY helping. I should go for a massage!!

    I love your food, it always looks sooo amazing!!

  3. I think I'll try some oils tonight for sure! x

  4. The Hills, The City, Real Housewives, Beauty and the Geek, America's Next Top Model...there are so many...and I have no problem admitting!

  5. YAY for swimming! im a terrible swimmer.
    yay for being able to run! thats awesome!

    i LOVE REA HOUSEWIVES, jersey trashy!! :(

  6. So glad you can swim! Such great exercise for the whole body and kind of peaceful in a way!! I lovvvvvvvvvvvve junk tv- real housewives, millionaire match maker, million dollar listing, american idol. Love it all ;)

  7. I love the Hills, Biggest Loser, Bridezilla, and The Real World :)

  8. Oh please! I'll bet you'll rock the bathing suit. Besides, once you're in the water, weight doesn't matter! ;-)

    Oh, and I watch ANTM sometimes. Sad.

  9. So glad you can swim!! yay! I think swimming is one of the toughest cardio workouts. I like this show called It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, have you seen it? It's terrible some of the stuff they say on there, but it's really funny.