Friday, 15 January 2010

Pancakes yes please!

I decided to get into the habit of not having yogurt ALL the time! I don't want to go cold turkey
and get the jitters through not getting yogurt! I have to admit the no yogurt went fine today and
breakfast was a winner! I just can't get enough of PANCAKES!

In the mix:
1 egg whisked
1/4 cup soya bran
1 tbsp quinoa flakes
1/4 cup low lacto milk + 2 of water
tsp maca + raisins + tbsp chia seeds
a few drips almond essence + cinnamon
spray oil

Topped with tahini and sliced banana, oh yeah this was goooooooooood, and uber filling!

My driving lesson isn't til 10.50 so I have a leisurely morning. I meet Wayne after my drive and once we've had a good gossip I plan to go to the gym for a walk and toning session nothing to heavy though my back is still not 100%

Have a good day peeps x


Whats your favorite pancake combo?


  1. i love the looks of those pancakes girl!!
    have fun at your driving class :)

  2. oo those pancakes look delicious!! I have to say my favorite is simple blueberries plopped into them. yum!

  3. Ooooooo I do love blueberries! x

  4. These look great... going to have to try them! With mashed/microwaved banana, mixed with almond butter on top.... droool :-)
    Just wondering, what soya bran do you use and where do you get it? I bought some Neal's Yard stuff the other day then realised it's got wheat and gluten in it (even though the ingredients list just says soya bran!) I can't eat it as I've got coeliac disease but can't find any other brands...
    Thank you!