Thursday, 7 January 2010

Out of my window........

Hello peeps hope you've had a good Thursday? Mine has been very lazy again! But I'm telling myself its what my body needs, I was so tempted to go the gym today but I resisted for one more day to rest my back.

Anyways lets get to breakfast it was tummy satisfying that's for sure! I had banana/almond GF porridge. It included 1/3 cup quinoa and buckwheat mix, scoop protein powder, maca, banana,
2 dates chopped, tbsp cacao nibs and almond essence! Wow that's a lot of goodness. I know what your thinking no yogurt?! Well I'll be honest I did have yogurt too yes I did but left it out I know you don't wanna see it everyday even if I do! he he he he he he
More snowy pics for ya, this is what stopped my visit to the gym and saved my back, maybe?!
I thought I'd appreciate the snow more if I was inside and warm plus I really do need to rest the back. Look can you spy Maggie coming in from the shop!?

My breakfast defo kept me full til lunch I did have a coffee around 11am, Maggie made a fresh cafetiere so I couldn't refuse! Lunch was my last portion of soup, so good, teamed with rice cakes and tahini, peeeeeeerrrrrrfect! After lunch I popped round to have a coffee with my papa, he's been off due to the snow which worked out quite well as I had the day off too! Plus we had some
future plans that needed to be discussed, shhhhhhhhhhh ; )

After a nice afternoon with papa, I came home and worked on my 5th assignment, I felt a little peckish around 4.30pm so a snack was in order, I had 3 small beets and a rice cake topped with a smear of vegan pesto and some vegan chive cheese, this hit the spot I also had a mint t.

I bought this sauce the other day and decided tonight would be the perfect time to try it.

Wow dinner was a real treat, all the tastes were just fab! I boiled 40g brown basmati rice (this is my fav it cooks the best), steamed some mangetout, green beans and celeriac, heated 1 egg and 1/2 a tin of sardines in tom sauce in a pan with some spray oil then chucked it all in together and added some of the above sauce, yum yum yum, big thumbs up!

Pudding time!!!!! I thought a before and after shot was necessary. I chopped an apple, braeburn of course, put some raisins and dessicated coconut in the bowl and heated for 2mins on high. I then topped it with, yep you guessed it, yogurt and some pumpkin seeds then sprinkled with
cinnamon. This pud actually tasted like it was naughty but it was a health boost don't you just love that!?

So I have a small worry, I didn't get to go to town today so no YOGURT! Yep I am out until tomorrow afternoon I ask myself what will I do tomorrow?!
I am decided pancakes are likely, banana + carob pancakes maybe hmmmmm sounds good to me!


What one food can you not live without, and worry when your running low?
You know mine!


  1. Those oats look amazing!!!

    and banana + carob pancakes sound great for tomorrow! :) and hang in there with the lack of YOyo ;) i totally understand, i am the same way with bananas in the house, i go crazy thinking of wht will i do at breakfast time!? and my bananas cant go with out them ;)

    Love ur blog, by the way, so happy i found you! and ur eats are so amazing! love it :)


  2. NO YOGURT!?!? noooooo!! if i had NO peanut butter or oatmeal-i would be screwed..i make sure i never run out!! yogurt is a CLOSE 3rd tho.
    other than that-your eats look great! love your dinner mixture!thanks for the oatmeal tips girl!

  3. Wow. I am so impressed. Your daily intake of healthy food beats out my total for an entire month!