Monday, 4 January 2010


Hello all! I would like to say I've had a good day off but to be honest its not been that great!
I woke around 8am after getting quite a late night, and realized the pain in my lower back was
pretty bad. Its been sore for a while and now its really painful, I'm so in the wars at the mo, first a sore hip then a sore toe and now my back, BOO HOO! To make myself feel better I had a delicious bowl of choco protein GF porridge, I used chocolate powder (no sugar!) so added a
banana for sweetness so good! Oh and as always topped with yogurt, its an addiction!

My papa came round mid morning and we had a coffee to go with our chat, he also went over my 3rd and 4th assignment which are now ready to be posted, I must remember them tomorrow!
Around 1.30pm I was getting hungry and bored of laying on the floor resting my back so made some lunch. I had steamed veg in sun dried tomato sauce topped with vegan cheese and a
couple of tahini rice cake sarnies this was a tasty lunch but after I still wanted something puddy so I mixed some carob powder and a spoonful of coconut into half a pot of soya yogurt, yum.

I started on my 5th assignment after lunch and wrote a few pages then was feeling restless, I was supposed to meet my friend Jamie to go walking but he had to cancel, but I decided to go anyway. Plus I thought the walk might do my back some good, I probably shouldn't have but
I stuck the wrist weights on to! It was FREEZING on my walk but I managed 60 minutes of speedy walking so was quite pleased with that.

I had to go shopping with my dad at 6ish and when I got home I whizzed up a green monster to hold me over til dinner. This was so good I love love love my green shakes, my work colleagues
really make fun of my green potions but I don't care (I know how good they are!)

After a good shop, I managed to get some PJ's for £5! I was rather hungry I decided on a sweet pot with 1/2 a tin of mackerel in tom sauce and a side salad of red pepper, spinach and avocado
I put some of Maggies homemade salad dressing on too, boy this was good!

Yay to the lychee! I got some lychees on my shopping trip and thought pudding was in order!

I chopped a small apple and a few lychees and mixed with soya yogurt (yep more!) cinnamon and topped with toasted pumpkin seeds , the perfect pud.

My back is feeling a tiny bit better but is still pretty sore so I'm going to have a nice hot bath
then get into my warm bed, electric blankets who'd live without them?!
I can't wait to have breakfast tomorrow I have an empty tahini jar that has my breakfasts name on it! I'm still undecided whether to go to spin tomorrow I'll have to see how my back is, I really hope it feels better fingers crossed : )


Whats your favorite breakfast?

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  1. ahh im having OIAJ tommo too! thats the BEST breakfast eva :) my fav is OIAJ with cocoa powder, egg white, and vanilla yogurt!
    i need an electric blanket fo real!