Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Oh the pain the pain!!!!!!!!!!!!

Align Centre
Oh my god the pain the pain! I woke this morning jumped out of bed and then realized the pain in my back! I can barely move, so I have not been able to go to work and am waiting to go to the doctors at 11am. I also phoned the osteopath who had no appointments til Thursday so I booked up and was praying for a cancellation..........bingo! He had one for tonight at 7 so roll on 7pm! I really REALLY hope he can do something this really isn't the way I wanted to start the new year and I just wanna exercise!!!!!!!

I did have a lovely breakfast today though, GF porridge in a jar, finally I came to the end of my tahini jar and boy was it worth the wait!

In the mix:

1/3 cup quinoa
1 scoop rice protein
soya milk
4 dates + a banana + tsp coconut

This breakfast was definitely like a pudding, and talking of pudding for breakfast that's exactly what the lovely Maggie over at My Breakfast Blog is doing all week. Desert for breakfast sounds good huh?!

Wish me luck! Hope your having a better day than me! x


  1. Oh goodness- I hope your back is ok. Your breakfast looks incredible and I LOVE the new header :). As far as personal training goes, I'm not real positive because I'm not certified- I'm only a certified group fitness instructor. I know ACE has a great program. You may want to shoot a note to Gina the Fitnessista as she is a personal trainer. I know she has some older postings on it as well :) best of luck!!

  2. ouchie, I hope you get some answers soon! that's not fun :( That breakfast sure looks tasty

  3. Oh NO!!! I have terrible back pain from years of gymnastics so I definitely feel your pain (no put intended!). I hope your back feels better soon. Take care girl!

  4. so sorry you are in pain love!! rest up and feel better!
    your breakfast, however, looks AMAZE