Saturday, 2 January 2010

New Year, New Header, New Me x

Hellllllloooooooo! Hope your year is off to a good start?! Mine definitely is I feel a lot better
today after a good workout at the gym.

First things first I woke around 8ish and had to have a last breakfast with Jonathan, he has
returned home to Barcelona today : (
We have had such a lovely time and I'm so glad he changed his flight to stay for NYE it
made it so much better! Back to normality now though which I'm quite glad about to
be honest. I've had such a lovely end to my year but am now ready to grab hold of 2010 with
both hands!
To start my day I had a bowl of mincemeat protein GF porridge it was delsih and so filling
I wasn't at all peckish til lunch time. My dad came round today and we watched
Public Enemies with Johnny Depp. Oh my god that man is HOT! Yep I am a Depp lover!

Whilst watching the film I had lunch which was a healthy mix of quinoa, yellow pepper, avocado
and some grated vegan cheese. This was also very filling and the perfect pre-workout meal.
After the film I got ready to workout and walked to the gym. I did a great routine, 20mins on the bike, 20 mins on the stepper, 10mins on the arm bike and some upper body work with the weight machines. I went to visit a friend straight after so took a green monster with me to hold me over til dinner.

On my way home I picked up a copy of Health and Fitness magazine, one of my favs!
Then I made a tasty dinner of rice noodles and sardines in a sun dried tomato sauce with
steamed veg on the side yummy this was good.

Then of course pud, a very healthy pud too! I heated up a grated apple and topped with soya
yogurt and trail mix. I really enjoyed this pudding not to sweet unlike the past few days or weeks!

So do you remember when a few posts ago I was thinking about going vegan? Well the decision
has been made and it is no. I have thought long and hard and if I'm honest I really enjoy the taste of eating fish and eggs and with so many foods I can't eat to restrict myself further I feel
would be silly if only because of the fabulous nutrients theses foods hold.
But I have decided a few things which I have incorporated into new years resolutions so
here's mine:

1. I am not going to eat meat other than fish

2. I will have one treat day a week

3. I will only eat natural foods that aren't highly processed

So they are mine, fingers crossed I can keep to them. Nothing to difficult so I reckon I can do it!
Good luck to you all with your resolutions.


How do you keep your resolutions in check throughout the year?

Anything your really looking forward to in 2010?


  1. Good decision!! I think that's super realistic! I think to be Vegan, you have to really really want it. But what do I know?

    How did you do your header? It looks fab!

  2. OH I used to cook a lot of the same stuff you are making now. I'd love to get healthier again but I have such a busy schedule I seldom have the time to cook at home.

    I was vegetarian for many years and then went vegan. Not that hard in the end, but if you need to run around a lot and therefore have quick meals out it can get trickier. And at some point my love for milk chocolate and sushi took over... I have fish and ecological eggs these days (and sometimes - but quite rarely anymore- get a bad consciousness over that). I was surprised how easy it was to eat out on town after that...