Sunday, 10 January 2010

Milk is not my friend!

Sunday's rest days, right? Well its another rest day for me! One more day of rest then hopefully back to work. I will be the first to admit I am not keen on my line of work right now but being stuck at home for days with a bad back is definitely not my kind of fun! I also asked at my back appointment if I can do any exercise he said to rest, I asked if I could walk and replied yes I could walk. With the pavements in such a snowy/slushy mess the only place I'm going to get a good walk is the gym so tomorrow that's exactly what I plan to do. I don't start work til 10am which means I can fit a walk in before hand and I can't wait!

Right lets get to breakfast I had custard GF porridge! I first saw this great breakfast idea over at Susan's fab blog The Great Balancing Act, and just adapted it to be gluten free.

In the mix:
1/3 cup quinoa + 1/3 soya milk + 2/3 water
tbsp raisins + banana + tbsp sunflower seeds
a dash of almond essence + 1 whisked egg

Tasty, tasty, yep good breakfast indeed I also topped with yogurt but you knew that already!

Yuk! I did what the doctor said and tried some milk, first time in about 8 years! Urrrrrrrrrr
this really is not my friend. It just tasted of cheese gone bad! Plus my tummy went kind of crazy.
My dad has this low lacto milk which is low in lactose obviously! I will give this a go and see what happens but whole milk is definitely off the cards, I shall have to find alternative ways to get a much needed calcium boost, google here I come!

Another rewind:

Rewinding to last night I had a delish snack in the afternoon, dates and walnuts, yum. I then got some warm clothes on and accompanied Maggie to the shops........

Snowy garden!

We got a few bits then came home and after a while dinner was calling my name. I baked a salmon fillet with mixed herbs and steamed some veg. I then mixed the veg with some vegan pesto and topped with some vegan cheese, great dinner!

I will be honest after being told I can no longer eat sugar I was a little annoyed especially as I was going to have Saturday as my treat day remember one new years resolution was to be good all week with one day off. I cracked last night and ate some chocolate and I have to say I went a little over board thinking 'this is last time!' I shall put this behind me and move on. I can beat myself up sometimes when I could just move on so I'm not gonna dwell.


Do you ever over indulge?

How do you not beat ya self up and move on?

Happy Sunday x

P.S I have something quite exciting for a later so stay tuned! x


  1. Kale is really high in calcium... there are so many milk free alternatives for calcium- almonds!!

    Is that the only reason he wants you to have milk is the calcium?

    I overindulge sometimes, and I just try to move on after wards!!

  2. Yeah my bones really really are in need of calcium! Thanks for the calcium ideas! x

  3. Milk is not my friend aswell, unfortunately. Though, I've just started drinking goats milk just to see the effect on myself. It's meant to be less mucous forming and has smaller fat globules so that is meant to make it easier to digest.

    Something thats really high in Calcium is Quinoa (which I see you've been having) so that's great! The calcium is meant to be more bioavailable than the calcium in dairy milk!

    I found a great research article on Quinoa: (that was put out in 2003). (if that url doesn't work I can email it to you)

    Sometimes I may overindulge- But I try to be lenient with myself. I think If I eat well most of the time than its okay to have a naughty snack every now and again! It's all about balance and being kind to yourself. And if i am gonna have something naughty i may aswell enjoy it- the foods gonna be digested the same whether I feel guilty or happy, but i'd rather feel happy!

    Michelle(Health Food Lover)