Wednesday, 27 January 2010

I'm not surprised.......

Well I'm glad to hear you all find ways to get your 5 a day or more well done us! Colourful foods are so tasty and nutritious and always taste better than anything processed don't ya think?!

Well I had an early start today, I needed to be ready for my 8am driving lesson, which might I add went really well : ) I started my day with some banana protein quinoa flakes topped with tahini and a tsp of homemade choco almond butter twas a tasty delight for sure and gave me the kick I needed to be ready to get on the road! I drove for 1hr and then started work.

For some reason I was getting hungry around 10.30ish which is weird I never feel hungry usually after my big breakfast but today I was so I drank I big glass of water and was still hungry so gave in and had a rice cake sarni filled with vegan cream cheese it filled the gap till lunch.

I had lunch at 1, my lunch today was quinoa, 1/2 salmon steak, gated carrot and mangetout drizzled with walnut oil

What a yummy salad it was so good and so was the apple I had for pud. I didn't get my walk to work to day and by about 2pm I had a look at my pedometer and had only done just over 2000 steps!!!!!! I am not surprised really, the shop I work in is so small and I don't really get to walk about at all other than my lunch break. I decided to walk the long way home today to clock up some steps but I only walked a disappointing 7655 : ( The book said to aim for 7000 so I did more than that but I'm disappointed to be honest, then again I did see my back man last night so an easier day was probably sensible.

NEW PRODUCTS ALERT! I invested in a new protein powder today because I wanted to make some protein bars and figured chocolate was a good choice and I also tried.......

.........some new bread. Its a gluten free loaf made with maize, chestnuts and linseed's. Its quite dense but pretty tasty so I'm glad I bought some to try but at the price its definitely a treat! After I walked home I had a small slice toasted with a little pure soya margarine spread on top delish

For my din dins I had 2 slices of my new bread with tahini, olives stuffed with almonds and a bowl of raw soup, I wish I could say this was a hit but unfortunately it was not I put way to much garlic in and had to say good bye to the soup it was wrong!

After loosing the soup down the sink I made a bowl of steamed veg drizzled with toasted sesame seed oil a great replacement.

I then made some buckwheat protein bars with my new soya protein, hemp protein and bananas. I obviously had to try the bars once cooked so I topped with greek yogurt and dove in.
I am quite pleased with the result but I think they would be better with some nut butter/tahini or agave but as I can only have natural sugar from whole or dried fruit I am banned from the agave! I made 12 bars which will be handy for a grabby snack over the next week.

I plan an early morning gym session tomorrow, I need to get my steps in tomorrow plus we have our works post Christmas do tomorrow so I wanna feel good and the gym always makes me feel good. I also have a haircut booked for after work nothing drastic just a trim but its way over due, the ends of my hair are screaming to be cut!

I must pack my bag ready for tomorrow so I shall say nightie night x x


Does exercise make you feel better?

It ALWAYS makes me feel ace!

Whats your favorite way to work up a sweat in the gym?

Mine is the treadmill, I can't wait to be able to run again!


  1. ALWAYS feel better after a workout. sometimes it is hard to get into it but after, i never regret it. have a good one, tam! xxoxooxoxoxox

  2. oh i love, love, love to run...once baby is born (9 wks!!) i so look forward to my first spring trail run!!