Sunday, 10 January 2010

Guest Post!

HEY BEAUTIFUL SALADS N SEQUINS READERS!! How are you? I am so honored to be doing a guest post on this lovely lady’s blog! She is so awesome, beautiful, and inspiring. Her eats make my mouth drool EVERY time, so creative and unique.. I love it! Not to mention she has the coolest name.. EVER!

So I'm here to talk a little bit about working out, and NO overdoing it, and letting yourself have a little fun in life! Cause who doesn’t want to have fun? I do!

I have had a LONG roller coaster relationship with working out (read my story on my blog for more details, or email me I have finally found balance and my love for exercise is healthy!

What motivates me?

-You never regret a good workout, yeah quote that jank

-A good playlist

-A good POST workout treat! (It is SO important to fuel after you exercise!! Eat whatever you burned, because your body needs to feed your muscles ..I usually drink a “recovery shake” with orange juice+vanilla protein powder.. hello dreamsicle!) If you are scared to eat right after you work out, don’t be. I added in a 300-400 calorie treat after every workout (depends on the intensity) and didn’t GAIN AN OUNCE.

-Stress reliever

-Knowing that God has blessed me with one body, and I have to take care of it (at one point this meant NO working out for me)

If you are in recovery and don’t need to workout, then DON’T!! I took 2 years off of exercise, and I am so thankful for that, because now I do not take exercise for granted!

Fav types of workouts

-Running on the beach

-Spinning Class

-Circuits (Burpees, Mountain Climbers, Jumping Jacks)

-Abs (Planks, Bicycle kicks, Reverse Crunches)

-Elliptical (gotta have something to read tho!)


-Dance website..tons of great videos!

Your body LOVES variety so shake it up! A workout IS a workout, so if you wanna crank up the jams and dance around for 30 min..then do it!

A little on FOODS….

Allow yourself TREATS, everybody deserves a treat, trust your body.. you are NOT goig to let yourself get obese, now are you? And know that one ice cream cone a week or a day is not going to hurt, especially if you eat healthy most of the time

Some of my Favorite Healthy Creations

-Oatmeal w. egg whites, cinnamon, truvia, butter, PB or AB (I love mighty maple or barney butter)

-CHOCOLATE oatmeal w. Hershey’s dark chocolate cocoa powder, truvia, butter, vanilla yogurt frosting, PB or AB

-Pizzas on josephs lavash pizza or wrap w. pesto sauce, laughing cow, any type of cheese, ham, smart life pepperonis

-Morningstar veggie burgers

-Protein ice cream (protein powder, almond milk, guar gum, ice, cocoa powder, truvia..all in the food processor)

-APPLES!! Especially big crispy fujis or pink ladys

-Butternut squash fries! (or any other roasted veggie for that matter)

-Omelets with egg whites, laughing cow, veggies, Morningstar sausage

-kettle popcorn

-greek yogurt with PB2 mixed in and frozen

Soo that’s a little about my working out/eating life in a nutshell!!! Thank you so much for reading. Remember.. have FUN working out.. have FUN eating.. have FUN living!! Life is a precious gift! Prayers and blessings to you ALL!!! -Katie

I have taken the evening off to let you enjoy this fab post by Katie of Faith Food and Fitness.
I love this lady's blog, she is an inspiration of joy every day. I read her blog and smile,
if your not yet a follower I suggest you get to it!

Have a nice rest of Sunday, I'm kicking back and enjoying my last rest day for a while, I hope!

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  1. Great post! Couldn't agree more with your tips/tricks. I think a workout you truly enjoy is so key! <3 your blog and Tam's too!!

  2. great post ladies!! :)

    Guest posts are so fun!!