Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Food to make me smile : )

Hey lovelies, how ya doing?

I'm great! I got up early to make lunch/snacks for work. I made a green monster to take to work
and I bet you can guess what went in that!? Yep a small persimmon, I couldn't believe it when I saw 4 for £1 in a local supermarket, bonus!

I then made a super breakfast. I went for protein oats today and lucky I did as no lunch til 3pm!
In the mix:
1 scoop of rice protein
1/4 quinoa
1bsp cacao nibs, chia seeds
3/4 small banana, dash almond essence
soya + water + a tiny splash of low lacto milk!
topped with yog n tahini

Oh yeah a good start to the day! After breakfast I put the face on and walked through the lightly falling snow to my sisters, she lives in town which is great for work. I was greeted with a warm
smile and a steaming rooibus tea, perfect.

I drank my green monster and also ate a small apple during the morning before I finally got lunch at 3pm. I'm guessing you can probably guess I was absolutely starving!
I had a bowl of homemade Kale and Butternut squash soup accompanied with rice cakes and vegan cream cheese. This hit the spot.

I walked home and again was famished! My soup was good but by 6.30 I was needing food.
I had a really delish din din.
I baked a salmon steak in passata, freshly chopped garlic and Italian herbs for 25/30 mins
and steamed some veg, simple and definitely satisfying.

Oh pudding, pudding, pudding.
Buckwheat carob pud sweet but healthy an all round pleaser.

I really enjoyed my foods today especially the salmon steak so good! As you can see I'm doing well with my doc's orders. I even added a small amount of this low lactose milk you can now get
from the market. I actually didn't get tummy ache! So hopefully if I add a little each day I will
build up the enzymes to digest lactose and you never know I might get to eat cheese again!
I long to eat some goats cheese, or cheshire with cranberries, ooooo my mouth is watering just thinking about it!

I'm glad to report my back is feeling all better again, but as the doc said no exercise til I go back to see him I shall go to the gym and walk tomorrow. At least its something right?!

I only have to work 9-3.30 tomorrow yay!
Right some blog reading then bed me thinks.


Is there anything you can't eat but wish you could?


  1. love protein oats! glad your back is feeling better love. have a great day at work!

  2. oh...being a pregnant lady...i'm missing wine and good ales...