Saturday, 16 January 2010

Fix me back man fix me!

Good Morning!

Well I'm hoping it to be good! My back is hurting again : ( and my papa thinks its sciatica not good. But I am off to see the back man/ doc at 10am so fingers crossed he will work is magic.

I started my day with a health kick that's for sure
(I needed it after last night but more on that later!)
I had a boiled egg which was delish, don't you just love my home town eggcup!?

My egg was followed by GF banana porridge, topped with trail mix and tahini, this has definitely
sorted me for the day, I wont probably get lunch til about 3/3.30pm so need a tummy filler!


On to a quick re-cap of last night and the fabulous food that was consumed:

My lovely sister made the best dinner EVER!

Tuna steak on a bed of rocket, asparagus, peas and cherry toms topped with a creamy mustard sauce and black sesame seeds.

Oh my god this was soooooooooo good!

Followed by chocolate cornflake cakes! I haven't eaten these since school and they are even better now!

So so good! We watched a film and chatted it was a great night, I'm lucky my sister is like my best friend too : )

Right I must go to get ready for my appointment (please fix me, please!)
and then work........

Have a great Saturday what ever you may be up to.


Whats your favorite type of cake?

Mine is Lemon Drizzle, yum!


  1. Cookie cake! With lots of icing. The best cake ever!!

  2. that looks a mighty fine dinner! do you know how she made the mustard sauce?
    Really hope you get fixed:)
    All love xox
    p.s. fave cake...maybe a classic victoria sponge, or carrot cake, or date and walnut? Too many to choose from!

  3. yummy!! Those chocolate covered cornflakes look amazing!!! :) AMAZING! I'm not a huge fan of cake but I love brownies!! hehe

  4. I think the mustard sauce was literally just mayo and dijon mustard it was so tasty! x