Monday, 18 January 2010

Fingers crossed I've found it!

Hey guys how's the start of your the week going? Mine is going pretty well, but that's cause I started it with a day off I guess?! Plus it was a great day off, not only did I have a fab swim, I got my 5th assignment finished ready to be typed up and got a good start on the 6th. I think my rice cake and tahini snack gave me writing power!

I was getting fidgety in the afternoon so decided to go for a walk and meet my papa from work
which got me a little exercise plus I got to see my dad bonus! We went to his and had a cuppa whilst looking at the car I saw today that I kinda wanna buy! Its a cute little silver car and I'm hoping to go and see it on Wednesday. My friend Richard, who is a mechanic, and my papa will all go on Wednesday to see the car and hopefully I will be returning home with my little run about! So excited!

Lunch was tasty! I made a new batch of kale and butternut squash soup but this time made it curried oooooooo twas so good! I made an omelet from 1 egg, 8 sliced olives stuffed with garlic, a small grating of vegan cheese and seasoning to accompany my soup. I will safely say this will be repeated such a good combo!

I cut up a small russet apple and topped it with soy yog and walnuts for pud.

After talking cars I was getting hungry so I said goodnight to my papa and came home to cook a filling dinner. Love it that we're neighbors!

For dinner I made similar to last night but instead of beef mince I had soya mince and didn't have any vegan cheese in the sweet potato mash. This meal was bad ass! Every bite was a joy to eat.

My pudding was a new experiment, chocolate protein ice cream!!!! I can't sat this tasted bad because it was delish but it was the right consistency. I topped it with a tbsp of yog and raisins and a tsp of tahini, yummy!

Yay look what turned up today! Sorry for the terrible pictures. I ordered these a week ago from Avon, one kickboxing pillar which you fill the base with either water or sand and then well kickbox. One tummy toner which is a bit like a rowing machine, you put it on your feet and pull the handles up. I can't wait to try them out but I will have to wait til my back is totally fixed, a little annoying but I'm sure I'll cope!


Do you have any recipes for protein ice cream that you think I should try,
or any tips to get mine a better consistency?

Mine was to icy not creamy enough!


  1. I have found when making ice creams to never use ice/water. Only frozen fruits such as bananas with a splash of nut milk, splash of sugar/agave/stevia, and blend. And the protein powder if using it. Works wayyyy better than adding ice for me!

  2. Thanks for the advice! I did use ice and water! It makes sense to me now to just use fruit thanks for the tip! x

  3. Greetings. Good beginnings to weeks are nice. So is butternut squash and kale soup especially with curry.

  4. love me some omelets!!
    i always use a little milk with mine JUST for mixing purposes..make sure you have the gum to add too!