Monday, 18 January 2010

Face it and move on!

Thank you so much for your kind words and good luck wishes, swimming was fab! I faced my
swimming costume fear and once I was in the water I remembered how much I like to swim!
I woke up early after a bad nights sleep, my mind was racing all night, and got ready for my swim. I sat down and ate a small banana with a dollop of tahini for a pre-workout energy boost then got on my way. It was sooooooooo foggy this morning I nearly got the bus but thought better of it and walked the mile to the pool. Once there I did feel a little nervous, being over a stone heavier than the last time I swam but I faced the fear and am so glad I did.
My moto was:

"I gotta get in if I wanna be thin!"

I managed 22 lengths which I felt was pretty good for the first time in a while!? I got out and decided to go to the shops on the way home.

I got some essentials, carrots, bananas, beets,walnuts, olives stuffed with almonds and some with garlic, sweet peppers, tom puree an avocado and a newbie item! I got a grapefruit! Its
been years since I've had a grapefruit!

All this for £7 which I think was pretty good, no?

After getting home I was defo ready for breakfast no.2 I had carob protein quinoa porridge, topped with yog, trail mix and cinnamon, this hit the spot!

I'm now enjoying a coffee with 1/2 tsp agave and getting ready to study, I'm gonna get some serious studying done today!


Have you eaten a new food lately, or started to eat an old favorite?

Mine is the reappearance of a grapefruit obviously! he he he

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  1. All that for £7! Including olives and avoado? Crazy stuff! Olives are the food I've just discovered I like but they're so darn expensive. Way to go for facing the swimming costume fear!