Saturday, 9 January 2010

Doctors orders!

What a crazy morning! I woke up early and made a filling breakfast before my appointment with the Chinese doctor, the one my friend recommended, and boy did he have some crazy stuff to tell me! Before I get to that - breakfast was protein GF porridge with banana, topped with yog and sunflower seeds.

After wading through the snow I managed to get to my 9am appointment freezing cold! Once there we talked for a while about my back he then asked me to stick my tongue out and went on to tell me all the things that are wrong with me, not good! Apparently my body isn't working right at all. My calcium levels are way to low as are my iron levels which is understandable
1. I don't eat dairy
2. I don't eat red meat
My body is suffering though and is crying out for certain foods I have been given my orders:

1. Eat 1 egg for breakfast everyday
2. Eat salmon everyday (fresh)
3. Eat more walnuts
4. Eat soya beans (not tinned)
5. Start to add a small amount of milk (DAIRY!) to diet
6. Drink hot water with fresh ginger every morning
7. Drink more water and eat more soup
8. Eat a small portion of BEEF each week!

That was the to do list now for the DO NOT list:
1. No coffee
2. No tinned foods
3. No microwave
4. No sugar

This is gonna be tuff! Dairy after so long but if it means healthy bones I'm in! Same with the red meat if it helps my body to be strong its gotta be done right?
One of my new year resolutions was to not eat meat so that's not good but I can't not help my body get better and I'll be sticking to the other 2, am I bad?

He also gave me the most intense massage I've ever had, it was sheer pain my god I just wanted to scream! Have you ever had a sports massage? If so you know my pain! He says he can sort me so after years of no hope maybe I've found the guy to fix me? Lets hope!
I walked back home through the snow drift stopping off at the shops to get milk, eggs and salmon, it felt crazy buying milk.......I just hope it doesn't make me sick............
I also made a big pot of soup and while it cooked ate 1/2 avocado ooooo love um!


Yesterday was a good food day everything was soooooooo good!
Lunch: tuna + avocado salad, rice cakes, jam, yog + seeds = goooooood
Dinner: Sardine, butternut squash + parsnip mash with steamed veg, apple raisin + buckwheat pudding = delicious! Yes each of these meals was just lovely I'll miss my tinned fish but I do love salmon so not all bad.

The changes I face are going to be a challenge but if it makes my body better it can only be good right?
How do you find change? Difficult or do you embrace it?
Any words of wisdom on what you think about my day will be welcomed x x


  1. Wow, those orders are intense.. good for you for following through! I would have a really hard time incorporating dairy back into my diet.. sometimes, though, I feel like my bodys is asking for something that Im not giving it?!
    Let us know how things work out!! :)

  2. ahhhh no coffee! good luck mama!